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EasyStart 364 Dealer Spotlight: AM Solar

Micro-Air Sales Administrator

The Micro-Air Connection To Solar Panels, Batteries, Inverters, Generators And A/C

AM Solar

Oregon was one of the nation’s best kept secrets for decades.  Well the secret’s out and AM Solar is partly responsible!

Since 1987 the EasyStart dealer from Springfield, Oregon excelled in the solar power business for RVs, boats and other applications like off-grid and tiny homes, as well as residential uses---some centered around emergency power applications and air conditioning.  It offers solar panels and other equipment, including lithium batteries, inverter/chargers and monitoring in its complete do-it-yourself solar kits. The power reducing requirement of the EasyStart 364 permits longer running on battery power only and smoother, more gentle starts on inverter power so often found in RV rigs and boats with solar.

AM Solar leads the way in camping and RV solar systems implementation, products and customer service.  As an employee-owned company focused on providing experience-based practical support and advice to customers, it is reliable as all get out!  If you're interested in batteries and chargers, solar panels, DIY Solar Kits, or outfitting your RV with solar power and other energy efficient appliances, contact them.

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