FX-1 Control Board

FX-1 Marine AC Unit Control Board for Self-Contained & Split DX system

FX-1 Control Board

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Benefits of the FX-1:

  • 120-240VAC compatible.
  • Variable speed fan control.
  • Monitors cooling water temperate to prevent potential compressor damage.
  • Direct expansion and air handler compatible by simply cutting a jumper.
  • Electric heat or Reverse cycle capable.


FX-1 Control Board

The FX-1 Control Board is Micro-Air's long-standing cabin control standard for both self-contained & split DX systems and for CW air handlers. It supports the FX-1, FX-Maxx, and EasyTouch Control Displays.


Control Board Features of the FX-1:

  • Integrated Universal 115-240VAC/50-60Hz Power Supply
  • 2HP Compressor Output
  • Separately-controlled 1/2HP Pump Output
  • Triac Fan speed control 8-pin RJ-45 Display Interface. Legacy SDL interface also available.
  • High/8-pin RJ-45 Display Interface. Legacy SDL interface also available.
  • High/Low Pressure Switch Inputs
  • Water & Air Temp Sensor Inputs

Product FAQs:

What displays are compatible with the FX-1?    

FX-1 and FX-MAXX displays

How many outputs can it control?    

Four: fan valve or electric heater pump and compressor in direct expansion operation.
Fan valve and electric heater in air handler operation.


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