The MAQ Replacement Marine AC Control Board for Q-Logic Cabin Control

MAQ Control Board

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Replacement OEM A/C Controls   -   Improved Micro-Air Marine Redesigns

Better Than The Originals

Identical Operation

Newly Manufactured



The Micro-Air MAQ board is a newly-manufactured, footprint-compatible, and functionally-compatible replacement control board for the popular Q-Logic cabin control used in marine applications. Its design, components, and reliability are superior to the OEM original. The MAQ supports all of the same displays, uses the same 6-pin RJ-12 (straight through) display cable, and the uses the same 3kohm thermistors.


Product FAQs:

Can these boards be used for new installations?   

No. These boards replace existing installations only.

Which board does it replace?

ASY-510 replaces the Q-Logic control board.

Is the board a direct replacement?

Yes. It looks slightly different from the original board but the connections and mountings are all the same.     

Are these boards dual voltage?

Yes. They operate from 85 to 240 volts AC.

Do I need a different board for air handler or direct expansion systems?

No. There is removable jumper on the board for easy selection.


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