Replacement SMXir Control Keypad Display For DX Operation

SMXir Control Display/Keypad (replacement)

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Replacement SMXir Control Display/Keypad for DX applications.

Benefits of the SMXir Control Display/Keypad:

  • Fully-compatible replacement control display for the Cruisair® SMXir keypad.
  • Compatible with legacy A-281, A-282 (SMX Online), and A-288 (SMXII) power/logic boards.
  • Supports power/logic board applications powered from 100-240VAC/50-60Hz.


  • DX Operation
  • 3/4 Door
  • Black in color

The SMXir display/keypad has an smart, condensed housing with easy surface-mount installation. A large, easy-to-read LED displays cabin temperature, set point, programming prompts, and fault code warnings, and small LEDs and backlit text indicate system status. Under a attractive hinged door is the familiar 10-button arrangement with clearly labeled keys for single-keystroke operation.

Optional infrared remote control is offered that permits system adjustments to be made remotely. Specifically designed for the marine environment, the SMXir display/keypad features a plastic housing, sealed membrane keypad, and electronics with anti-corrosion coating.

The A-288D replacement control board is also available for the legacy A-288C, A-288T, A-288D, and SMXII HV. The A-288D board replaces the A-288C with old mfg p/n 42404 and new mfg p/n 722300288.

Housings are available in black only with a 3/4 coverage door. 

Product FAQs:

Can these displays be used for new installations?

These displays can replace existing installations or be used in new installations.

Which displays do they replace?

ASY-502 replaces SMXir
ASY-423 replaces SMXII-AB

Is the display a direct replacement?

Yes, and the original manual can be used to operate the display.

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