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Pump Relay Boards

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Pump Relay Boards

Compatible with All Cabin & Chiller Controls, Including Legacy OEM

Replaces Legacy Cruisair Pump Relays

Supports Dual Voltage using a single circuit board


This Pump Relay (PRP) board allows control of a common seawater pump between multiple cabin or chiller controls. It can also be used to control a common chilled-water loop pump between multiple chiller controls. Separate, fully-isolated pump trigger inputs accept either 115VAC/60Hz or 230VAC/50-60Hz. The pump power source and pump output is also isolated and can be either 115VAC or 230VAC/50-60Hz.

Two models of PRP are available, one that can support up to 2 trigger inputs, and one that can support up to 6. PRPs are also available enclosed in a metal electric box.


Product FAQs:

Is these dual voltage boards?    

Yes. They operate from 85 to 240 volts AC.

Will it damage the board if I mis-wire the inputs?    

No. The input triggers are completely isolated from each other and the main power.

How big a pump can I run with the pump relay?    

The maximum rating is 16 amps running current for the pump relay.

What if I have a bigger or 3 phase pump on the pump relay?    

There is a provision for using the pump relay to drive an external contactor.

What is the minimum trigger voltage?    

We recommend driving the trigger with at least 90 volts AC.


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