Welcome to Micro-Air, Inc.

Micro-Air designs and manufactures total control systems for applications in marine and land-based industries. A wide variety of controls is available for:

  • heating & air conditioning
  • motor soft starters
  • circulating & sea water pumps
  • quiet control of fans & blowers
  • desalination
  • refrigeration

Our controls are sold and installed into many types of OEM and after-market applications, including:

  • boats & yachts of all sizes
  • recreational vehicles
  • homes & buildings
  • class A transport trucks
  • fire and rescue vehicles
  • watermakers & icemakers
  • sporting goods

If you've ever been aboard a pleasure boat from 25ft up to 200ft (60m), chances are the air conditioning system was being controlled by Micro-Air.

The Micro-Air Family

We are proud of who we are and what we do, and we invite you to find out more about us. Micro-Air was founded by none other than Andy Spaziani in 1983. He and his wife Bette built the business from a "garage" operation in their home in Toms River, NJ for many years, to our established and company-owned facility in Allentown, NJ.

A brilliant electronics design innovator, Andy was also one of the original Cruisair and Marine Air Systems installation and servicing dealers. Andy started in marine air conditioning in the early 1960s, and kept that business going up until the early 1990s. Today, Micro-Air employs about 20 people, several of whom have been working for Andy for over 20 years. We consider our employees part of our family, and we like to treat our customers the same.

Our OEM Customers

We are very proud of our many original equipment manufacturers, some of whom we have been partnered with for decades. Nevertheless, we work very hard every day for all of our customers, no matter who they are.

Our Commitment to Quality

From concept through final production, Micro-Air controls are subject to a documented quality control program with one goal: zero defects. Each control undergoes full environmental testing during development and also during production, as required.

Critical specifications verified automated bed of nails test fixtures 100% 24-hour burn-in on main PCB and display assemblies Final functional testing on 100% of units. All critical voltages and temperatures are checked during final testing.

ISO 9001 Certified

What We Can Do for You

Whether you're a large company in need of a custom electronic control design, a servicing dealer or distributor, or an individual do-it-yourself enthusiast, we invite you to explore our website to learn about what we do, the products we manufacture and sell, and the design & repair services we offer.