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Armstrong FAQs

Welcome to our Armstrong product-related section.

Here, you'll find customer questions we have received, and relevant answers we have shared with those customers in regards to using their Armstrong products with our EasyStart™ product line. If you don't find the answers you need here, please feel free to contact us directly.



I have the original 1973 Armstrong TR21-12 air conditioner on the trailer and it runs great.
Has a schematic been produced that shows installation on this unit? I have a picture of the wiring diagram if it is needed.

Regarding EasyStart wiring in a very old Armstrong RV Rooftop A/C.  I'm not sure if the model matches yours, but please examine this wiring diagram. If it's not close enough for you to work with, please send us the wiring diagram for your specific unit. We'll do my best to draw in where the EasyStart wires.