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Here, you'll find customer questions we have received, and relevant answers we have shared with those customers in regards to using their Champion products with our EasyStart™ product line. If you don't find the answers you need here, please feel free to contact us directly.



I wonder if you guys know if a champion 20000 inverter will start my dometic rv ac 13.5 with you soft start, have you tried this combo?

Yes, we have tried this combination.  

Because of its low cost, we have had several customer inquire about this generator, the Champion 2000W model #73536i.

Several months ago, a customer purchased an EasyStart and had issues operating his 13.5kBTU A/C on this Champion model.

Unlike the tremendous success we've seen with customers who own Honda EU2000i, Yamaha EF2000iSv2, and a couple other popular inverter generators, the Champion did not stack up to be the same.  

When the customer had issues a few months ago, we actually went ahead and purchased one of the Champion 2000W generators ourselves.

We found that even with EasyStart installed, it could not start our 15k Dometic Penguin II, even though our Honda EU2000i could, even with ECO mode turned on.  Our conclusion was that the Champion is truly not a 2000W generator.   The largest A/C we could start and run on this Champion 2000W with EasyStart installed was a 9kBTU marine unit.

Within the past few months, we have also receive reports from customer who could not even start and run their 13.5kBTU A/C without an EasyStart from the Champion 2800/3100W model, which explicitly advertises the fact that it can start and run a 13.5kBTU A/C.
These customers met with success when they installed an EasyStart.

In any event, we don't recommend that you purchase an EasyStart if you own this Champion 2000W.

We were equally as disappointed since the combination would have been a very low-cost solution for many customers.



I just purchased your ASY 366 board for my RV.
I have a 2000 W champion generator/inverter and I just want to confirm the proper wiring, if you have a wiring diagram for my AC unit that would be greatly appreciated.
The generator is able to start the AC unit once out of every eight attempts.
I get a power interrupted indication from the led's on the 366 board. Is that normal?
My AC unit is a duo therm model number 57915.
522C I have gone through the learning process with house power supply and I have tried the fixed start option but that didn't work either.
I do have a run capacitor with the fan output as well, and a start capacitor wired to the board.

Based upon your report, it does sound like you have the EasyStart 366 wired in properly.
Unfortunately, we have found out that the Champion 2000W generator (model #73536i) is not like the other more popular Honda EU2000i and Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000W generators.

The Champion cannot provide 2000W sustained, whereas the Honda and Yamahas can.
6 months ago when a customer ran into the same problem you did, we actually purchased our own Champion 2000W generator for testing at Micro-Air.

We found that it would not start and run a 15kBTU A/C, even with EasyStart.

We have had other customers report marginal success with 13.5kBTU systems like yours.
Only a 9k system seemed to start and run reliably on the Champion 2000W.
We ended up donating the generator after that since it could not be resold.