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Welcome to our Dometic product-related section.

Here, you'll find customer questions we have received, and relevant answers we have shared with those customers in regards to using their Dometic products with our EasyStart™ product line. If you don't find the answers you need here, please feel free to contact us directly.

I have a dometic rv ac.
The unit does not have an electrical box except one to hold the combination fan/compressor capacitor.
Can I mount the 115v rv c20-ip 364 model adjacent to the capacitor box.
They are both under an overall plastic cover but nothing else.
Exposed to harsh temperatures. See photo. No real space to mount. Surfaces around are Styrofoam.  

Here are the wiring diagram and the mounting location guide for the EasyStart 364 when installed into a Dometic Brisk II A/C such as yours.

The EasyStart 364 is IP65, and therefore fully weatherproof.
It can tolerate the heat underneath the shroud, but only in the noted locations.
Never mount the EasyStart in the hot air exhaust from the condenser fan.


I have ordered the easystart 364 for an 1989 toyota dolphin and it has a Dometic Brisk Air model 57915.331 and the start capacitor seems small.
Should I change it.

Based upon your question, we recommend that you further review the installation instructions for the Micro-Air EasyStart at Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank.  

Among the other important steps, the start cap should be completely removed as part of the EasyStart installation. You will also receive a single-sheet of instructions in the box with the EasyStart. Lastly, attached is a specific Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank.


Installation of an Easystart 364 on Dometic/Penguin II.
1.  What do I do with the red wire from the reversing valve that went to the start capacitor before I removed the capacitor?
2.  I do not have a blue wire from the compressor.
I have red, white, and black.
Also in the bundle but originating elsewhere are two black rubber coated wires.
The only blue wires (two of them) come from the coach - I assume the thermostat, and go to the board.
Do I connect to either of these?

Regarding your questions:
1) If you do have a Dometic Penguin II as noted in the e-mail subject, the wires that lead to the reversing valve are typically both black, so what you are describing I am not familiar with.  Also, what you are describing sounds more like the original Dometic Penguin (I) wiring.  In some cases, Dometic connected the L2/N side of the reversing valve at the start cap in a "daisy chain" arrangement. 

So, when you remove the wire that connects the start cap to the run cap L2/N "C" or common terminal (typically a white wire), you must then relocate and connect the 1 reversing valve wire that was on the same start cap terminal back to the same C terminal on the faston that was just freed up by the removal of the start cap (white) wire.

2) Once again, the wire colors going to the compressor sound like those from the older Dometic Penguin (I).  All the newer Dometic Penguin IIs use blue.  Black is the compressor common on those older models, so that is where you will splice in the black wire from the EasyStart in a 3-way arrangement. 

The two black rubber coated wires are very likely those for the reversing valve, one of which goes to the L2/N "C" terminal on the run cap as described in step #1 above, and the other of which should go to an output on the control circuit board.

We've attached a wiring diagram that we believe most closely matches your system.
If it does not, take a photo of the wiring diagram for your system and send it to us, and we will draw in where the EasyStart goes and send it back to you.


I have a dometic brisk 2 would you happen to have installation instructions for that model.

Thank you for your inquiry.
Here's the files that you'll need for a successful installation.


I have a 40 foot Cedar Creek 5th wheeler. There are two roof mounted Dometic A/C units. One is a 15,000 but, the other is a 13,500. Can i assume i will need two devices?

I looked at the spec sheet for my trailer. The two model numbers for the dometic A/C units are 541816A701CO and a 643015.321C1
These model numbers are taken from the build sheet, so I do not know which is a 15k and which is the 13.5k.

Will the one Honda EU2000i generator be sufficient, or will I need to hook my second one in parallel?
I do have both the EU20001 and the Companion one, but I was hoping that I could get away with only having to carry one.
My trailer has a 2,000 watt inverter as well as the Converter.
I have 4 12volt deep cycle batteries on board as well.
The trailer has a domestic side by side refrigerator as well.

Your combination of a Dometic 13.5k and 15k rooftop A/C is not uncommon.
We and our customers have done dozens of installations into configurations of this type.

You basically have 2 choices:

1) If you only want to carry one generator, choose an A/C unit into which you will install the EasyStart, and that will be the only A/C that will need the EasyStart.
Of course, that will be the only A/C you can run when operating on one Honda EU2000i generator.

If you go this route, we recommend you choose the smaller 13.5k A/C since that will leave your more headroom on the generator to supply some auxiliary loads in your trailer.
These auxiliary loads will of course be limited, as further explained below.

2) If you want to carry both generators to run both A/Cs, or if you want to be able to run both A/Cs on a single 30A cord, then you would need to install an EasyStart on both A/Cs.
We received many reports from customers that the being able to run both A/Cs in a hot weather conditions is really a requirement since one A/C can't always keep up in a larger trailer.

Also, being able to run both A/Cs on a 30A hookup instead of having to find the more elusive and more expensive (!) 50A hookups is also a huge advantage.

Regarding the auxiliary loads, this is a very important point to consider when it comes to your total generator capacity and how much you want to have to worry about power management.
You mentioned the domestic side-by-side refrigerator, which can draw upwards to  800W, and a converter which can draw  up to 1000W in rapid charge mode (especially when a lot of DC lighting and loads are turned on).

Those to items alone under certain conditions could almost completely utilize the output from one Honda EU2000i generator.

Add that to the consumption of your A/Cs units,  1600W for the 13.5k and 1750W for the 15k, and you can see that you need at least one generator to handle one A/C and perhaps some small auxiliary loads of no more than 200-300W, and a second generator to handle the other more substantial auxiliary loads like your big refrigerator and converter.

So, it is important to keep this in mind, depending on how much power management you want to have to worry about.



I am looking at the EasyStart 364 soft starter.
I have an Aframe trailer with a  Dometic CoolCat 10,150 btu air conditioner with heat pump. Would that work with my AC?

The EasyStart 364 is most certainly compatible with the Cool Cat.
Attached is a Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank I made for this model.

2 of the 3 Cool Cat customers who inquired did end up purchasing EasyStarts, and I didn't hear back from any of them.

One is at least 2 weeks past, so perhaps no news is good news.
In any event, we're confident it will work for you, but if you'd like, I can inquire with these other customers to find out how it turned out for them.



I have ordered an EasyStart 364.
I will be installing this in my Dometic Brisk II B59516.
Do you have any specific instructions for this model.  It looks slightly different than the Penguin model on the website, and has the new structural plastic around all the fan and motors.
The wiring diagrams look very similar, so I just want to make sure I utilize the proper placement when installing, and that I recognize the proper wiring points.

Attached is the specific wiring diagram for the Dometic Brisk II.
Also attached is a photo of the best places to mount the EasyStart.
The wiring connections should be made inside the small electric box that houses the run cap.
The blue wire splice may need to be done outside the electric box since it doesn't pass through there on the Brisk II; use an epoxy heat shrink (marine) splice there then, or other means to weatherproof this one exposed connection.


I have a 2017, 26' travel trailer with a 15,000 Dometic a/c unit.
I'd like to run it with my 2200 watt (peak) Ryobi inverter generator.
Do you have experience with this set up? Will your product work?  
I've been in the HVAC industry for 35 years.
I'd hate to put it in and find that it doesn't work and have to return it.

We have a lot of experience and customer feedback from owners of 15kBTU Dometic rooftop A/C units on a number of different generators.  We ourselves own a 15k Dometic Penguin II.  With EasyStart we can start and run it on our Honda EU2000i from ECO model reliably and without any problems.  Other customers have reported the same success with the Yamaha EF2000iSv2, the Westinghouse 2000iXLT, and the Kipor Sinemaster IG2000p.   Unfortunately, we do not have any reports from anyone who has attempted to run their A/C on any Ryobi model.  Also, we have learned the hard way that not all 2000W are built alike, nor do they have the same starting and sustained output capability (the latter being more important).

In your case, since you said your Ryobi has 2200W peak, I was able to find the model RYI2200.  According to its specs, it only has a running (sustained) output power rating of 1800W.  This is where most of our customer run into problems.  That is, with EasyStart installed, you'll certainly be able to start the A/C on most 2000W generators, but since many 15kBTU A/Cs could draw in excess of 1800W in extremely hot weather, the generator will not be able to keep the A/C running indefinitely. 

Of course, this is not the fault of EasyStart, but it often gets blamed because the customer cannot start the A/C at all without EasyStart!  So, their first experience actually being able to run the A/C sustained is with EasyStart installed, which immediately gets blamed for any deficiency that the generator might be imparting.   The latest Honda EU2000i generators are quite amazing and can sustain up to 2000W (16.7A at 120VAC) indefinitely.  We don't have any idea how the Ryobi will perform, nor can we predict it for you.

If your 15k Dometic is the newer Dometic Penguin II, you may be able to just squeak in under 1800W (15A), but it will certainly be marginal.  The original Dometic Penguin (I) drew more power in both its 13.5k and 15k sizes, so if yours is the older model, I wouldn't even attempt it with the Ryobi.

So, if you want to try EasyStart, we would be willing to consider waiving the 25% restocking fee if it doesn't work for you and you want to return it.  I offer this because learning about another generator's capabilities for the sake of our other customers is worth it to us. 

We found out the hard way (by buying a generator of our own) that the Champion 2000W generator most certainly is NOT a 2000W generator by any stretch of the specifications.  Learning about the Ryobi through you - since it is another low-cost generator that many people consider in lieu of the $999 Honda, has value for us.



I'm wiring a EasyStart on a Dometic Brisk roof top RV A/C.
I spoke to technical support and were very helpful but would like to have the specific wiring diagram for that unit if it's available.

Here are the wiring diagrams for the Dometic Brisk (I or II) with the EasyStart 364.



Has anyone installed either the board or box version in a portable aircon.
I have a Haier 12.5 BTU that I want to be able to start on a Champion 3100 watt generator in econ mode.
I am an ex electrical engineer and very experienced with electronic and electrical assembly so I considering buying the board version and enclosing and wiring it myself.

In March 2016, we had one customer install an EasyStart 364 into a 12k LG Portable A/C purchased from Lowe's.  He was successful.  

Given what we went through with him though, we learned that the electric boxes in these portable units are quite compact and there would not be sufficient room to have installed an EasyStart 366. The same may or may not be true for your Haier 12.5k portable A/C.  

If there isn't sufficient space, then you'll have to mount the EasyStart 366 board on its standoffs somewhere else, preferably inside a protected enclosure that you may end up having to buy separately and add yourself.

You'll also have to find space for the added start cap that the EasyStart 366 requires.
Sometimes, A/Cs have a hardstart kit installed at the factory, which partly consists of a start cap roughly the same physical size (but different value) than what you'll need with the EasyStart 366.

If your Haier has one of these, then the EasyStart's start cap can be located where this factory-installed start cap was.

In any event, as you probably already know, any factory-installed starting components (start cap, PTCR, start relay, etc.) have to be removed or at least disabled before installing the EasyStart.



I ordered a EasyStart today need to wire it into a dometic 640410 AC unit on rv.

We received your dataplate label photo and were able to now determine that your model number is 640310 (C451J0).
That corresponds to an 11k Penguin (I).
We have found that there are several different wiring diagrams that correspond to the original Penguin (I), and have made several custom one over the past several months for other customers.
Attached are the 3 that we have for the original Penguin (I), one of which should match yours.
If none of them correspond, please send a photo of the diagram that on is top of the electric box, and we can match it up.



I recently purchased and installed an EasyStart on my campers 15000 BTU Dometic ac system (with unbelievably tremendous and incredibly fast assistance from Matteo).
In my excitement of seeing if the unit would help start and run my ac at over 8,000' on a ingle EU2000 generator (without re-jetting), I totally forgot to take EasyStart through its 5 cycles using grid power.
Instead I started and ran it multiple times using my generator. I have the new 115V only EasyStart variant.
Would it be wise for me to open up Easystart and do the jumper wire procedure to clear memory and re-initiate learning cycle using utility power that youtube video suggests or is it OK to leave it as is  since it started?
If its best to re-initiate the learning process to optimize performance, can you please send me the details as to how I can open up the EasyStart and do the jumper wire procedure - I tried to access the product manual link from you tube and could not get access.

Regarding your question and concern, normally we do recommend that people conduct the 5-start learning process on utility power, but there have been exceptions where customers have asked if they could carry it out on generator power since that is all they had available.
In all cases, they have succeed.

And given you seem to be enjoying excellent results, I would NOT recommend that you reset and perform the learning sequence again.

The manuals are all online on our EasyStart webpage Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank. in the "Manuals & Resources" tab.



I am going to order an EasyStart 364
My rv has a Dometic Ac unit year 2012 serial #20620065 MOD#459516-701co.
I watched your installation video on youtube it showed three capacitors mine has only one.
How do I hook the EasyStart up to my unit don't want to mess up or burn something out.

Your Dometic model 459516.701CO is an original 15kBTU Brisk (I).
Attached is a Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank for this particular model with the EasyStart 364.

The EasyStart can be mounted on the condenser fan wall opposite the compressor as shown in the attached diagram, and the harness wires can be routed back to the electric box in which the connections can be made around the compressor's run capacitor.

The Brisk may or may not have a separate hard start kit that would have to be disabled, and it may also have a dual run cap (thus eliminating one of the 3 caps that was shown in the video, leaving the system with just 2 caps).

It can be complex, so if you are at all uncomfortable with understanding the wiring, we highly recommend that you hire a professional to do the installation.
That way you avoid the risk of damage to your A/C and to the EasyStart.



Do you know if anybody I has successfully used a Micro-air 364 on a Dometic Cool Cat 10, 000 btu heat pump?

Although we have had 2 identical inquiries as yours over the past few weeks, we do not yet have any confirmations that anyone has gone ahead and installed an EasyStart into a Dometic Cool Cat.

For the first customer, I had already went ahead and created a wiring diagram using the diagram from the Cool Cat itself.
It is Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank



I have  an RV with a Dometic AC 15000BTU what EasyStart unit would it take?
What is the price and are there any tricks to insulation or things to watch out for?
Do I need 2 honda eu2000i to run it or just 1?

The EasyStart 364 Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank is the device you need in order to operate your 15kBTU Dometic A/C on a single Honda EU2000i generator - even with ECO mode turned on (please see the footnote below).

The EasyStart comes with generic installation instructions, but we also have more specific instructions on the EasyStart 364 webpage (in the Manual & Resources tab) and we have accumulated an extensive library of wiring diagrams, one of which likely exact matches your A/C.    

If you do decide to purchase an EasyStart, simply specifying your A/C's exact model number or name, and we'll send you any specific wiring diagrams or installation guidelines that we have.



I have a Dometic Duo-Therm Model number 600312.321 (Trailer was made in 2006).
Will the EasyStart 364 work and are the instructions roughly the same as with the Dometic Penguin II that you have posted?

Everything with the EasyStart 364 into your original Dometic Penguin (I) will be the same as what we documented for the Dometic Penguin II with 2 exceptions:

1) The EasyStart cannot be located in the same corner outside of the condenser air box on the original Dometic Penguin (I) as it is on the Dometic Penguin II.
On the older Penguin, you must mount the EasyStart on the inside of the condenser air box, on the wall facing the compressor.

2) The wiring for the EasyStart is pretty much identical with one possible exception.
On some of the original Dometic Penguin (I) heat pump units, one of the reversing valve wires - its neutral or L2 connection - was "daisy-chained" off of one of the start cap terminals in the factory-installed hard start.

Because this factory-installed hard start must be defeated and/or removed as part of the EasyStart installation, you could inadvertently leave the reversing valve completely disabled as a result, thus causing improper system operation (i.e. heating when it should be cooling).

Therefore, you must either defeat the hard start in such a way that you preserve this connection, or if you completely remove the hard start, you simply have to relocate the neutral wire of the reversing valve back to the "C" terminal of the run capacitor.
See the attached wiring diagrams for guidance on either of these approaches.

You can find all of the attached documents and other helpful information in our new Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank recently added to our website.


I have purchased and will be installing two EasyStart 364 units in Dometic Brisk II RV air conditioners.
I have seen the pictures of the wiring diagram and suggested locations on your site that are specific to these Dometic units.

Three questions:
1. When putting the EasyStarts in one of the two recommended locations, how do you recommend mounting them? They will be mostly surrounded by the "styrofoam" with nothing to screw in to.
2. Based on which location is chosen, either one wire or three wires will need to be used on the other side of the AC unit. Is it ok to pull the EasyStart wires out of the sheath to do this?
3. What is the recommended path for the wire or wires be routed to the other side?
Thanks for your help.

Thank you for reviewing the information in the EasyStart™ Knowledge Bank first.  Regarding your additional questions:

1) Mount the EasyStarts using the 3M Double-stick foam tape.  This stuff works well against the construction foam or plastic air box shrouds.  Once it cures, it's very secure, weatherproof, and quite difficult to remove.
2) Yes, you may separate the wires as you see fit.  The sheath is not required as the other wires already contained inside the unit do not use sheath or loom either.
3) Route/tie-wrap the wires along the existing 3 wires that will span between the small electric box with the run cap on one side and the compressor with the compressor.


I have a 2005 Forest River, Sandpiper Sport toyhauler, 21ft.
It contains one AC unit called a DuoTherm BriskAir, likely a 13000 btu ( I think).
Which EasyStart product do I use to Soft Start the AC? 

The appropriate EasyStart model for your Dometic Duo Therm original Brisk unit is the model Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank

If you have any further technical questions about EasyStart, please visit our new Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank recently added to our website.

There you will find helpful information, installation guides, and a library of wiring diagrams for various rooftop makes and models.


Will this work on new penguin II 13500 with heat pump

Yes, the EasyStart 364 will work very well with the Dometic Penguin II. That is probably the single most popular rooftop model into which the EasyStart gets applied. We own a 15k Dometic Penguin II at Micro-Air and have done exhaustive testing with it.

If you have any further technical questions about EasyStart, please visit our new EasyStart™ Knowledge Bank, recently added to our website. There you will find helpful information, installation guides, and a library of wiring diagrams for various makes and models.


I have just ordered the EasyStart 364-X20-IP for my 13.5K BTU Dometic model 641915.CXX1J0 rooftop A/C.
Is the "EasyStart 364 Installation Guide for Dometic Penguin II RV A/C" in the Manuals & Resources tab applicable to this unit?

The model number you cited is actually an original Dometic Penguin (I).
80% of the guide you cited in the Manuals & Resource section of the EasyStart 364 page does apply to your model, with a couple differences.
One is the wiring diagram and the second is the physical mounting location of the EasyStart itself.
The original Dometic Penguin (I) uses a horizontal mounted compressor, so there is no room on the outside of the condenser air box to mount the EasyStart like there is on the Penguin II.
Instead, the EasyStart gets mounted on the inside of the condenser air box on the original Penguin (I).
The wiring diagrams are pretty much the same circuits, but there are some subtle drawing differences.
Please look for more reference materials for both the mounting location and wiring diagrams for the original Penguin (I) in our EasyStart™ Knowledge Bank wiring diagram section at Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank

You can use them as modifying companions to the installation guide for the Penguin II.


The unit does appear to be a Dometic Penguin II, but l can't seem to find a good location to mount the EasyStart.
There is a large black rubber piece around the copper tubing that interferes with the mounting location.
I notice the same black rubber piece in your installation instruction photos, but it appears to be on a different section of tubing.
Now I find that it totally blocks the mounting location. Any suggestions?

Yours is the Penguin II with the electric heat strip instead of the reversing valve (i.e. not the heat pump model).
Dometic routed the suction line a little bit different in that model, sometimes leaving less room in that corner. No worries though.
You can adjust those tubes to create the clearance, and also rotate the rubber counter weigh.
See the attached graphic to see how at Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank

The tubing is relatively soft copper, so it can be adjusted without risk; however, you must do the adjustment in such a way that you strain relief the tube where it exits the plastic evaporator wall (near the gray putty) with one hand, while you twist the S-shaped section with the other hand.
Obviously, you must avoid creating a kink, but that corner is easily adjusted since the S-shaped segment is quite long a provides a substantial amount of length over which to spread the gradual adjustment.
Make sure the resulting routing of the copper tube does not come in contact with the cover of the EasyStart or any other points.
If the rubber counter weight has only a slight clearance to the top of the EasyStart box, that is fine as no harm will come from an occasional contact there.


I have a question as to where to mount the easystart unit on my model.
It does not appear to have a start assist capacitor for the compressor or the fan.
The unit has a compressor delay after the fan starts.
I may be mistaken about those other capacitors but don't know where they would be.

Yours is the Dometic Brisk II.
As you stated, almost all of them do not have the optional factory-installed hard start kit, even though their wiring diagrams show it as an option.
You would have found it right next to the run cap that you already discovered.

In our EasyStart™ Knowledge Bank, you will find both a wiring diagram and a mounting location photo for the Dometic Brisk II.
Please visit the Knowledge Bank at tMoved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank

The model number on my AC is #541916A701C0 Dometic ( I think it is a BRISK AIRII ).
It does exactly as you stated, the A/C's compressor starts up and runs on generator, but then shuts off unexpectedly a short time later and the AC fan continues to run.
I’m not sure about the generator overload light, I will test it again today.
I will also test it with the convertor off.
The tests I did nothing else was on except the convertor, maybe that puts it over the edge!
I don’t have a clamp on type ammeter as of yet.

The Dometic model that you provided the number for shows up as the "Dometic HP Air Conditioner" which is a variant of the Brisk II.
I haven't worked on one of those yet.

Attached is the wiring diagram for the Brisk II, which may match up with Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank

Please double check your EasyStart wiring and that you removed or at least disconnected the factory-installed hard start.

Given your symptoms of running for a while then shutting down, this is an indication that either the generator is going into overload (which the LED will confirm), or the generator's output voltage is collapsing, resulting in a compressor stall condition that the EasyStart catches and shuts it down as a result.
More likely it's the former.
The latter is caused by issues with the generator that we've seen in very rare circumstances.
How old is your Honda EU2000i?

If you want to get a low-cost clamp-on ammeter, try this one on Amazon at Moved To Our EasyStart Knowledge Bank

It's not expensive, and it is also a multimeter. It also has a max capture feature, which is useful for troubleshooting EasyStart installations.


I bought a model 364 a few months ago which I have yet to install as I wasn't sure of the model Dometic AC that I had.
I just determined from product number that it is probably a Brisk II.
I saw the document with recommended placement, but no instructions.
I looked at the instructions for the Penguin II model and it references an installation kit that I did not get.
Please advise as to what I need to install the EasyStart on my Brisk II.

The instructions for the Brisk II are very similar to that of the Penguin II.
Without the installation kit, you'll need the following items to accomplish the installation:

- 3M double-stick foam tape
- #10-#12 (yellow) female quick-disconnect crimp terminal (for EasyStart white wire)
- #14-#16 (blue) female quick-disconnect crimp terminal (for EasyStart orange wire)
- #10-#12 (yellow) butt splice or #10-#12 (translucent) end splice to 2-way connect EasyStart brown wire to white compressor run winding wire
- #10-#12 (translucent) end splice to 3-way connect EasyStart black wire into blue compressor common winding wire

Also, please follow the wiring diagram in the EasyStart™ Knowledge Bank for the Dometic Brisk II.