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CAN-Modbus Slave Adapter
CAN-Modbus Slave Adapter
CAN-Modbus Slave Adapter

CAN-Modbus Slave Adapter

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Product Overview
CAN-Modbus Slave Adapter

The adapter takes 11 or 29 bit CAN messages and translates them to Modbus RTU register addresses you assign from your PC. It also allows writing to registers to generate CAN messages. Use this adapter as a building block in PLC, Crestron, helm control or even a DIY based interface like Raspberry PI to control your systems. A great addition for those looking to integrate to NMEA 2000 or Micro-Air CAN networks from other control systems.
Guides & Information
  • CAN 2.0A and 2.0B compatible
  • ISO 16845 certified processor
  • Modbus baud rates up to 250K b/s
  • CAN bus baud rates up to 500K b/s
  • Spring loaded, direct to wire connections
  • Voltage: 10 to 30 VDC, 12-18 VAC, or USB
  • Current < 50mA
  • Device addressable so multiple devices can be connected.
  • Full CAN bus isolation from power and Modbus.
  • Includes DIN Rail mount
Programming Requirements:
  • Windows PC with Windows 10 software and standard USB 2.0 compatible interface.
WARNING - California Proposition 65

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