CASE STUDY - Micro-Air's EasyStart™ Success Story from 2017 Oliver Travel Trailer Rally
June 26, 2017

CASE STUDY - Micro-Air's EasyStart™ Success Story from 2017 Oliver Travel Trailer Rally

Oliver Travel Trailer Factory Rally Invites Micro-Air and Their EasyStart™ Air Conditioner Solution



The 2nd Annual Oliver Travel Trailers Factory Rally was held in Hohenwald, Tenn. May 5th & 6th, 2017.

Oliver Travel Trailer owners, fiberglass travel trailer owners and prospective Oliver Travel Trailer buyers attended an exceptional program packed full of opportunities to learn more about their trailer, and network with Oliver staff and invited special guests. One of the special guests was Matteo Giovanetti, top engineer from Micro-Air, who was encouraged by Oliver Forum members and the Oliver team to provide hands-on factory training, live demonstrations, and installations to attendees.

Challenge - RV Trailer Air Conditioner Start-up

Many RV forums have been posting questions on; how to run their 13.5K or 15K compressor on a Honda EU2000i? “At Micro-Air, we recognized that the Honda EU2000i was the “gold standard” by which all A/C starting solutions are measured, so over 2 years ago Micro-Air purchased their very own for testing,” Matteo said. Micro-Air has been satisfying RV trailer owners with their EasyStart™ which works easily with this Honda generator and all brands of rooftop air conditioners.

RV Forums Spark Rally Live Demo and EasyStart™ Installation Success Stories

Because of the RV consumer interest and demand, Saturday morning consisted of several live demos with a Penguin II and Scott Oliver brought in his Honda EU2000i for the demo. The afternoon was very busy at the camp ground with 5 installations and one swap-out, amidst sunshine and rain. 2 EasyStarts were also installed into customer trailers at the Oliver factory on Friday morning.


Happy Travel Trailer Campers

With an EasyStart™ installed, your typical 13.5k or 15k rooftop A/C systems all will start with under 20A, versus their normal 40-50A startup current requirement without EasyStart™ or with a hard start” said Matteo. He added, “This startup current reduction delivered by EasyStart™ will be key to your being able to start and run it on your Honda EU2000i, even with ECO mode turned on.” With each EasyStart™ installation, air conditioner start-up problems are eliminated and happy travel trailer campers enjoy their holidays.



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Oliver Travel Trailer Factory Rally Invites Micro-Air and their EasyStart™ Air Conditioner Solution


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