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EasyStart™ Soft Starters

EasyStart™ is the best-in-class soft starter for single-phase motor...

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Cabin Controls - FX Family

The FX family of cabin controls is a Micro-Air original that has be...

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Cabin Controls - Legacy/OEM

Throughout its history, Micro-Air has designed and manufactured ...

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Cabin Controls - Discontinued

Micro-Air has produced control boards and displays for its entire 3...

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Chiller Controls

It all started with the Hydromatic I control over 20 years ago.   S...

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Pump Relays & Fan Controls

The Micro-Air PRP Pump Relay was our very first high-volume product...

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Cables & Sensors

A control system is only as good as its input data and connectivity...

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CAN Bus and Wi-Fi Accessories

Since 2006, Micro-Air has brought CAN bus to the marine HVAC contro...

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