EasyStart™ 364 (3-ton) Soft Starter

EasyStart 364 (3-ton) Single Phase Soft Starter for Air Conditioners

EasyStart™ 364 (3-ton) Soft Starter

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EasyStart™   -   The most advanced & effective soft starter for all A/C applications

Start Your A/C Without Buying A Second or Bigger Generator or Inverter

Run 2 Air Conditioners On A 30-Amp Cord

Sleep, with less noise, And Cool All Through The Night

Run Your A/C with more Appliances At The Same Time

Convenient Installation Kit for wiring an RV Rooftop A/C unit is available at this link and must be ordered separately.

EasyStart™ is a one-of-a-kind, custom-developed soft starter for single-phase motors. The standard version can support both 115-230VAC/50-60Hz motors, and the RV version supports only 115V/50-60Hz motors. It employs a 4-part start ramp sequence that is self-optimizing, resulting in the lowest possible start-up current. EasyStart can deliver 65-75% start current reduction as compared to a compressor's LRA (locked-rotor amperage). It also has numerous specialized fault checks not found in any other soft starter to provide further protection for your compressor. EasyStart is the perfect solution that allows an air conditioner or refrigeration compressor to operate on a generator, inverter, or limited utility power when it would otherwise not have functioned. It can also be applied to air compressor and fluid pump motors.

The EasyStart 364 is capable of supporting up to a 36000 BTU (3 ton) compressor. It includes a fully-weatherproof (IP65), flameproof, plastic enclosure with an integrated mounting flange and a 40" (1m) wire harness. Specialized models exist for various applications.

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTE FOR CRUISAIR® MARINE CUSTOMERS ONLY: When installing EasyStart into 220-240V SMX A-288/282/281 control applications that use the triac to switch power to the compressor, it is necessary to replace the triac with a relay. If the triac is not replaced, the EasyStart and any pump relay triggers may suffer damage and ultimately fail. A replacement relay specifically designed for this application is available at this link. Please note that this is not required for 115V SMX applications, and the triac is still safe to use.


EasyStart™ Knowledge Bank  Looking for FAQ's and technical product information about the EasyStart™?

Below, we've listed some general answers to typical questions customers share with us.
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Product FAQs:

Will EasyStart allow me to start and run my 13.5K or 15K RV A/C on a Honda EU2000i?

Yes, but one must exercise some fairly strict power management since many A/Cs can consume 1700-1900W in hot weather.  Also, the Honda EU2000i may not have enough power at or above 4000' altitude.  (Rejetting the carburetor may extend this higher.)  We have many satisfied EasyStart customers using this Honda generator with all brands of rooftop air conditioners. EasyStart starts and runs these compressors even with the generator's ECO mode turned on.

What about using one of the many other inverter generators on the market competing with Honda?

All generators are not created equally and in some cases, you get what you pay for. Your best source right now is to search the many blogs and message boards on the net and check the reviews for the generator you are interested in.

Will EasyStart operate from my solar inverter?

EasyStart has been tested with a few good quality inverters and has been successful in quite a few customer installations. EasyStart reduces starting current to less than twice the running current of the compressor, so EasyStart works perfectly in a well-designed system.

Is the EasyStart 366 just the board out of an EasyStart 364?

No. EasyStart 366 is a board only solution aimed at OEM and commercial installers with experience designing the enclosure. The board uses the same features found in EasyStart 364 and 368 but requires the user to properly install the board, wiring, enclosure and capacitors. Most customers find mounting the box and connecting 4 wires with EasyStart 364 and 368 preferable to the work needed to install the board only EasyStart 366.

How difficult is installation in an RV?

EasyStart mounts inside the rain shield on a rooftop unit. The wires are run to the electric box and connected to four points in the box. We have many wiring diagrams available for rooftop units and in some cases complete installation guides. Although most customers install EasyStart themselves, a few opt to have it installed by their RV dealer, HVAC technician or electrician.

Will EasyStart void my compressor warranty?

Warranty coverage is entirely at the discretion of the compressor manufacturer. We recommend that if you have a potential warranty issue that you consider removing EasyStart to avoid any issues related to its installation.

Will EasyStart shorten or extend the life of my compressor?

No. EasyStart operates only during the start of the motor then switches itself out of circuit. Since most compressors fail mechanically before they fail electrically, EasyStart does not change the longevity of the compressor.

What does 3-ton mean?

This means an EasyStart rated for 3 tons can operate a compressor up to 36,000 BTU of heating or cooling capacity. The standard EasyStart models easily handle the typical 13.5K or 16K air conditioners found in many applications.

Will EasyStart work with centrifugal switch motors like water pumps and air compressors?

While we have been successful installing EasyStart in some applications, others do not allow access to the motor windings or are a different configuration that is not supported. We do not recommend installing it for a single motor however OEM’s and dealers looking to install several units should contact Microair to discuss the application further.

In there a three-phase model?

No, EasyStart is single phase only.

Will EasyStart work with my refrigerator?

Possibly. The compressor must equalize the pressures within the 5-minute restart window. This may require installing an expansion valve with equalization some systems.

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