Generator Load Test Equipment Kit

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Generator Load Test Equipment Kit
Most RV rooftop A/C units require 1700-1900W to operate in hot weather. Are you wondering if your 2000W generator will be able to start and run your A/C with EasyStart installed? Unlike the Honda EU2200i, many generators call themselves 2000W or more, but several do not have the steady-state capacity to sustain output power above about 1700W. Even the highly regarded Honda EU2200i can sometimes suffer performance issues due to dirty filters, carburetor issues, spark issues, bad gas, or even high altitude, thus resulting in it even being unable to sustain 2000W of output power (See our Selecting a Generator article - Pre-Sales Category) that explains how heat, fuel type and altitude affect generator performance.
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  • Multimeter with probes (to measure live voltage)
  • Clamp-on Ammeter (to measure live current)
  • Special test pigtail for 120VAC 20A generator receptacle


To help our customers answer this question, Micro-Air has often prescribed the use of a combination of test equipment and a special pigtail that allows you to tap into the current being drawn from your generator.We have assembled this necessary test equipment, along with this test pigtail into a new kit that is now available.