A glimpse of the Micro-Air crew at the Hershey PA RV Show!
September 20, 2018

A glimpse of the Micro-Air crew at the Hershey PA RV Show!

EasyStart 364. There is no substitute!

Hershey Annual RV Show resounding success!

There just isn’t any substitute for Micro-Air’s electronic soft start on the market. 

Attendance at the 50th Annual Hershey RV show wasn’t deterred despite the effects of Hurricane Florence on more remote travelers. 

Booth traffic and show sales were higher than expected as the EasyStart continues to distinguish itself as the must-have air conditioning product for the RV owner. Not only is it useful in the boondock/BLM context, but also, the EasyStart satisfies RV needs on low amp shore power and with solar inverters. Operating your AC on a smaller generator makes life a lot easier on the RV owner, saves on cost of running and acquiring the generator, saves on weight and space in your rig and on noise---back injuries too!

At Hershey, old-school style relationships were cemented and reinforced at the Micro-Air EasyStart booth as engagement with customers and exhibitors rose during the week. (photo)   Visitors at the booth ranged from end-user customers to Dealer/Installers to Trade publications and RV manufacturers, as well as others in the RV stream of commerce.  EasyStart’s You Tube Vloggers Wandering Wagners and Traveling Robert (Free in My RV) visited the exhibit and spent some time with Micro-Air engineers and customers, causing a buzz and excitement!

Micro-Air plans to continue attending the Hershey Show beyond its 50th anniversary by returning next year. Thanks for stopping by at our booth and plan to see us again soon. Find us anywhere and anytime at www.microair.net