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Airstream International Rally July 20-27

Micro-Air Sales Administrator



 We’ve been anticipating this with bated breath! It’s just a little more than a month away: the annual WBCCI Airstream International Rally at Doswell, Virginia. And Micro-Air will be there making sales and offering installation services. We expect this year’s Rally to be every bit the same success as last year’s at Salem, Oregon where Airstream owners were clamoring for their EasyStart 364 and the installation expertise of Micro-Air, the manufacturer of the EasyStart.

WBCCI Pre-Order Form  

At this link, attendees can find their pre-show order form. By emailing the form to Kevin@microair.net and calling our office to make payment, you can reserve your EasyStart and installation on one or both of your rooftop A/C units. Last year, we ran out of EasyStarts! You will help us gauge our inventory needs by pre-ordering and can reserve a place in line for installation at the same time. Some anxious members of the Rally group already completed the form and made advance payment (including one that bought the Extension Ladder we use and offer at this webpage).

We look forward to seeing all of our friends at the Wally Byam Airstream International at Doswell, VA, birthplace of Secretariat.

- Did you know? Local legend Secretariat

The area near the Doswell train station is a popular train-watching site for railfans to enjoy. Nearby Kings Dominion is a theme park with both amusement rides and water park to offer.

But, those attractions won’t be first on your mind since you will be WAY too busy inside your aluminum bullet enjoying your A/C started on the EasyStart 364.

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