EasyStart 364 Dealer Spotlight: Idaho Dealer Dennis Dillon
May 20, 2019

EasyStart 364 Dealer Spotlight: Idaho Dealer Dennis Dillon


Dennis Dillon

Located in the high desert at Treasure Valley, Boise, Idaho, family-owned Dennis Dillon RV sells more than just RVs, they also offer boats and power sports of nearly every kind. That is right up Micro-Air’s alley since its EasyStart 364 was invented first for use in the marine industry and later adapted for interchangeability in the RV industry, where it works with every type of rooftop air conditioner. DDRV maintains a twin dealership in Westminster, Orange County, California.  Within six months it plans the grand opening of a 100,000 square foot facility with 22 work bays and a wildly large display floor for RV sales.  They are on the move and the direction is UP.

Michael Pope - Dennis Dillon RV


Mike Pope, DDRV accessories manager, told the story of how the Micro-Air EasyStart™ 364 first arrived in his service area.  The story matches those of all too many dealers. “A customer brought the EasyStart with a small Honda generator and needed to convince us that it would work.  We rejected the idea as unworkable but eventually installed it and -- sure enough -- it DID work.  It was a big celebration here and we immediately became a dealer.”  His customers are happy with the product because it helps the customer to “run off even a 15-amp wall outlet, 2000 w generator and 30-amp service.  We keep a display model right up on the front desk so customers ask about it and so we can explain it.”  Like most, he finds the EasyStart 364 people to be “easy to work with, pleasant and great support in providing the product.”

“We sell about 1000 RVs per year and put EasyStarts in new rigs. In one RV, the owner paired the two EasyStarts with two of the small Yamahas we sell to run them in parallel,” said Pope.  “With the EasyStart, even our generator sales are boosted.”

Something different explained by the Dennis Dillon RV dealership, the addition of the EasyStart to your RV power plan permits the inclusion of a second AC where it previously had only one.  Pope explained, “single A/C unit RVs are equipped with 30-amp service.  Two A/C units in an RV requires 50-amp service OR we can avoid rewiring the rig and its electric box with the addition of the EasyStart.  That saves time and money for the owner and sends the customer on the road happier.”

Dennis Dillon Co. is an Idaho automotive powerhouse with various auto dealerships including Kia, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Nissan, Mazda and Suzuki.

Find Dennis Dillon RV at https://www.ddrv.com