EasyStart 364 Dealer Spotlight: Lew Farber and Solar Tech Energy Systems

Micro-Air Sales Administrator

Featured Florida/Oregon Boat/RV Installer-Dealer Solar Rock Star

Multiple locations in the RV or Marine businesses are rare enough, locations on both sides of the U.S. are even rarer. But rarest of all is the Dealer that does both marine and RV installation work. Located in both Naples, Florida and Hood River, Oregon, Lew Farber’s Solar Tech Energy Systems is just that rare animal.

Farber’s company is busy all winter in Florida, primarily servicing boats and installing solar on sailing and power yachts there. In May each year he moves his own Airstream to Hood River, Oregon to pursue the RV solar business that has grown in popularity. A 2018 blog referred to him as a “character” and “. . . a bit of a solar rock star in the Airstream world.” That blogger’s installation appointment needed to be booked six months in advance to get Solar Tech. Farber’s Company is also a Dealer – Installer for the RV solar systems of another high-quantity Micro-Air dealer, AM Solar.

First as a supplier to the marine industry, Micro-Air invented, manufactured, perfected and sold parts related to marine A/C and temperature control, water makers and pump switches--among others. Its EasyStart 364 rose as the solution to U.S. Coast Guard boats’ air conditioner problems relating to the “extra” power inrush requirements; that extra power moment at the time of A/C start that only the EasyStart resolves.

It wasn’t long before the 364 was adapted for interchangeability in the RV industry, where it works with every type of rooftop air conditioner. Farber uses it in both the solar and traditional power contexts --- and in both RV and marine applications. “I got to know of the EasyStart via the forums and internet searches,” said Farber. “I do about 40 solar installs in a year and 100% of them integrate EasyStarts as part of my power plan in the RV market. Imagine that, a part for marine and RV A/C that ACTUALLY works. No wonder the RVIA loves it.”

Over 70 nominations were made for this year’s RISE AWARD and the RVIA’s blue ribbon panel of judges selected only five finalists from that group. Micro-Air’s EasyStart 364 was honored to be named at Show RVX for aftermarket product innovation and customer service, the only RV air conditioner part chosen. “We were blessed with the product of the year nomination as we are also blessed with the hard working and intelligent people I work with at Micro-Air,” said Company President Andy Spaziani. “They are what stands behind the EasyStart 364 and the rest of our line.”

We love our Dealers at Micro-Air because they sit down with customers to explain what the product is all about. Farber and Solar Tech are doing it right.

You can find Solar Tech Energy Systems from May to October in Hood River, Oregon and in the winter months at Naples, Florida or via email at   4rvsolar@gmail.com and on Facebook at Solar Tech Energy Systems https://www.facebook.com/Solar-Tech-Energy-Systems-166635214178980/

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