EasyStart 364 Gone Transparent!

Micro-Air Sales Administrator

Transparency became a catchword in American politics over the years. Well now, the EasyStart 364 is transparent too — revealing its colorful, little 3 light sequence secret – and just in time for the 4th of July.

EasyStart 364 - Troubleshooting Indicator Lights  

We’ve always delivered a durable plastic case for our product: strong, easily mounted and, perhaps most uniquely, waterproof!  It protects your EasyStart investment that in turn protects the investment you’ve made in your rig and air conditioning.

Ours is the product that gently ramps the start of your A/C and reduces power in rush at start as it turns on your A/C compressor and permits starts on low power sources.  But with our solid cover case, you couldn’t see the beautiful (sexy?) circuit board and other innards of the product.  Those are the parts that were conceptualized, designed, manufactured and tested all right here in the U.S. of A. at Micro-Air’s Allentown, New Jersey plant, just an hour from either New York or Philadelphia.  Most people don’t know it, but we print our own circuit boards here in Allentown to achieve our level of perfection. See the video below.

But we had a little “light sequence secret” we were keeping from your view with the solid cover.  In removing it (which we didn’t recommend as it could—possibly -- compromise the integrity of the waterproof seal) an installer could see lights that sequence in a fashion that tells a story.  The lights assist the installer in diagnosing a problem.  One light means: overload.  Three lights means: improper wiring, and so on.  The complete list is found in our “Checking Trouble Lights” section of the EasyStart Advance Troubleshooting Guide (page 8 - 9) at the PDF with explanations and the short list appears below. 

With the arrival of our new transparent cover, the secret is out!  Now, not only can you see our hot and sexy circuit board (the engineering department made me say that), but also, you can view the blinking lights that tell the story. These problems can be visually diagnosed:  1) power interruption, 2) stall, 3) over current, 4) overload/Klixon open, 5)  line voltage, and 6) improper wiring.  This is just another in the long line of improvements to the EasyStart 364 that you couldn’t see. The new cover makes this one visible, clear and transparent -- and it’s all for you:  the consumers. 

Now, if you have a problem at installation or later on in the life of your A/C unit, just peering through the cover of the EasyStart will let you know what the problem could be. It makes trouble shooting that much easier.  Although the EasyStart Trouble Shooting Guide should be consulted simultaneously, below is the graph that explains our “3 Little Lights Secret”  At a glance, it tells you what the lights mean.

It’s a bit like a Chinese restaurant menu.  One from Column A, one from Column C, means stall.  One from Column B and one from Column C means power interruption and so on. The graph below helps immensely.

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