EasyStart™ 364 Vlogger Spotlight: RV Geeks
May 29, 2019

EasyStart™ 364 Vlogger Spotlight: RV Geeks

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The RV Geeks

Peter Knize and John Sullivan are "The RV Geeks".  Since 2003, these full-time RVers have been learning the craft of managing, maintaining, repairing, and upgrading RV systems of their own.  From 2011 to the present they’ve been sharing their knowledge on one of YouTube's most popular RV channels.  They have over 32 million plays of their videos and proudly announce that they don’t emphasize quantity, just quality, of videos.  Now they stand poised to make the big leap from You Tube into broadcast television as they co-host the new TV series: The RVers.  The show is due to premiere on PBS in the United States and on Bell TV in Canada, and iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Microsoft Xbox, and Vudu digitally in 2019.

Their You Tube video about how to run two air conditioners at 30-amp power campsites using the EasyStart 364 posted on May 24, 2019 and yielded a strong consumer response to the product. Already well known in the RV community for its usefulness starting air conditioning on low power sources, the superbly made video sparked even greater EasyStart interest for its value in controlling the climate in an RV rig.  With it, a smaller and more manageable, lighter, more compact power source can be used to start an air conditioner.  That saves lots of money, weight, space and even saves your backbone with a lighter generator!

Using You Tube RV stars brings to the new TV show the strategy of an instant audience.  The RV-focused subscribers of proven stars garners the strength of 142,000,000 prior YouTube plays.  Designed to cater to Baby Boomers and retirees, The RVers is produced by full-time RVer Anthony Nalli.  Nalli also serves as its host and will cover the RV industry segments. He created it as a spin-off to his “Aviators” series.  The show will launch in Fall, 2019, and features RV celebrity co-hosts taking an in-depth look at every aspect of the world of RVing.  The Class A hosts for the show will be Peter and John.  Other co-hosts run the Class B, C or Truck, Trailer and Fifth Wheel segments along with co-hosts for the Tech section of the RV industry.  

About RV Geeks, Nalli said “They were the first people I reached out to because they were the first video I ever watched.  Once I watched them, I was hooked.  They’ll show you anything RV you want to see.” 

You can find RV Geeks at https://www.youtube.com/user/RVgeeks and on their own website at http://www.thervgeeks.com/.