Micro-Air EasyStart MCEE Finalist for Best New Product

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Micro-Air EasyStart™:  MCEE Finalist for Best New Product

Montreal, April 18, 2022 - Froid Marin, the Canadian Distributor of the Micro-Air EasyStart™ soft starters for Home HVAC, announced today that the EasyStart product was named a finalist for the Salon MCEE Expo New Product Contest Award.  The Award honors the best new product for Electrical, Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Electric Products.

EasyStart 368 MCEE Finalist for Best New Product

MCEE EXPO The winner is scheduled to be announced on April 18 at a cocktail party at The Westin Hotel for the nominees at the Palais de Congres de Montreal.  The EasyStart™ is entered in the category of Forced-air Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Appliances and components.

Mathieu Boudreau, Froid Marin’s President, said “We are beyond honored to enjoy the blessing of this nomination.  The sophisticated EasyStart™ deserves this recognition and the nomination alone speaks volumes about the importance of this product to the worldwide HVAC industry.”  The Bluetooth EasyStart™ permits starting of compressor motors on low-power sources like dirty utility power, solar inverters, smaller generators, and solar arrays with power walls.  Tesla’s recommendations include the installation of a soft starter like EasyStart to start both geothermal and traditional heat pumps and AC units.

MCEE Expo 2023 is the biggest of its kind in Canada.  It is an annual trade fair for the building mechanics, electricity, and lighting industries. The products on display are from all the specialties of the buildings field, including plumbing, heating,  ventilation, and air conditioning, among others.  The exhibitors come from Canada and the United States and are manufacturers, wholesalers, and product vendors. Visitors include contractors, engineers, architects, and designers.

Over 6000 visitors and 400 Exhibitors are expected at MCEE’s Expo opening at Palais de Congres.   The Expo closes on April 20.  Micro-Air and Distributor Froid Marin can be found at the show in Booth 1527.

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