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Micro-Air's EasyTouch RV thermostat recognized! - 2022 RISE Award nomination

Micro-Air Sales Administrator

Micro-Air's EasyTouch RV thermostat recognized!

The company draws its second industry award for RISE in 3 years.

Today RV Business Magazine announced the four top finalists for its 2022 RISE (Recognizing Innovation & Supplier Excellence) Award. The awards are "designed to honor the best and most innovative new products marketed by RV industry component suppliers." The winner was a travel Wi-Fi hotspot sold by Pace International.

Company Founder Andy Spaziani commented "we are ecstatic, overwhelmed and humbled by the honor of this selection. We were equally proud of the hard work at Micro-Air when our Micro-Air EasyStart 364-X20 was selected three years ago for the RISE honor."

Micro-Air made circuit boards for AC and thermostats and other controls for nearly 40 years at its Made in America NJ factory and has long been recognized as a stalwart in the industry. Tight control of the invention and refinement of circuit boards and awesome customer support make Micro-Air's products what they are today.

The rumors of fairies and leprechauns living in the hedgerow and lending a hand in the wee hours of the morning are exaggerated --mostly. Company Engineer Roger Krinic dismissed the rumors as nonsense. "Everyone knows that leprechauns are cobblers and know nothing of air conditioning."

We couldn't feel luckier, but luck had nothing to do with it!

2022 RISE Awards - Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Smart Thermostat

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