The Double Down Extended Warranty for the EasyStart™ 364 (3-ton) Soft Starter

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The Double Down Extended Warranty

Micro-Air is SO confident that its EasyStart™ 364 cannot damage your RV rooftop AC compressor, it now offers the RVer – free of charge -- its Double Down extended warranty at the low price -- no, at the excessively low price of ZERO DOLLARS. 

There is an entire body of law related to warranties and the voiding of same by installing aftermarket products. The bottom line is that aftermarket items installed on a warranted product SHOULD NOT void the warranty under federal law, the Magnuson Moss Act. But for a $1,200.00 air conditioner, are you going to hire a lawyer if your A/C manufacturer denies a warranty claim for that reason? Probably not. Remove your concern, reduce the gamble! Double down!

The Double Down Extended Warranty removes the risk.  The Double Down essentially buys you a new A/C unit compressor in the event that your A/C manufacturer denies a warranty claim for damage which it might assert was caused by the installation of this aftermarket part.  The Double Down warranty is good for two years on ANY RV rooftop air conditioner made after 2014.

At Micro-Air, our testing shows that the EasyStart™ 364 causes no damage to your A/C unit.  It also manages amperage to the compressor, eliminating over amperage.  Although we collected no data about compressor life extensions, many customers suspect that the 364 protects the unit and extends compressor life.  Without the 364, RV A/C loudly slams on, often waking a sleeping RVer. With it, the EasyStart’s self-optimizing 4-part start ramp sequence results in the lowest possible start-up current for your air conditioner. EasyStart™ 364 gently begins the process of cooling.

 Double Down Extended Warranty

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