A-282 Network Control Board

A-282 Network Control Board

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New A-282 Replacement Control Board for DX & TW marine cabin controls

Benefits of the A-282 Replacement Control Board: 

  • Completely new design.
  • Replaces similar DX and TW SMX Net Online power/logic boards discontinued by Cruisair®
  • Footprint and connection compatible replacement board operates identically to the original design.
  • Four variations of this board are available including NC (Yellow EPROM label), NT (Blue EPROM Label), and two versions of coach for bus installation (Red EPROM label).
  • Replacement OEM A/C Controls
  • Improved Micro-Air Marine Redesigns
  • Better Than The Originals
  • Identical Operation
  • Newly Manufactured
  • Footprint-Compatible

The A-282 Control Board is part of a legacy DX & TW cabin control system sold from the late 1990s through the present, and was recently discontinued by the OEM. It was also sold into a specialty coach/RV application.

This control board is a redesigned, newly manufactured, footprint-compatible replacement that operates identically. It preserves the following special legacy features only available on this particular control board.

Control Board Legacy Features the A-282:
  • Legacy OEM network capability
  • Aux Heat in DX and Coach applications
  • Outside Air Temp Sensor support
  • Virtual Pump Relay operation via networking 2-speed fan output support
  • Compatibility with all of the original legacy control displays, 6-pin RJ-12 display and network interfaces.

Product FAQs:

Can these boards be used for new installations?

No these boards replace existing installations only.

Which boards do they replace?

  • ASY-509 replaces A-288D
  • ASY-555 replaces A281-C
  • ASY-426 replaces A-282

Is the board a direct replacement?

Yes it looks slightly different from the original board but the connections and mountings are all the same.

Are these boards dual voltage?

Yes they operate from 85 to 240 volts AC.

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