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Micro-Air FX-2 Control Board for Advanced Cabin Control
FX-2 Control Board
Micro-Air FX-2 Metal Enclosure
FX-2 Control Board
FX-2 Control Board
FX-2 Control Board

FX-2 Control Board

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Product Overview
Micro-Air FX-2 Control Board
This is the most advanced cabin controls in the marine HVAC industry. Conceived of, designed and manufactured right here in the U.S. of A., it is “built for marine use”. WiFi-enabled, it permits you to control temperatures from anywhere. It works on air conditioning and heat, controls on-board humidity, and interfaces with our handsome, state-of-the-art EasyTouch cabin control. It even assists in Micro-Air’s EasyStart™ low current A/C starts. Air and water sensors help to assure that you remain comfortable on board. Finally, it is compatible with almost all types of marine air conditioning products and control displays, automatically in some cases.


  • Board Dimensions: 5.0” x 5.0”
  • Automatically Supports All FX-2, FX-1 Legacy Control Displays
  • Controls DX equipment, CW air handlers, with an auxiliary Electric Heater
  • Single Control Board supports Optional Combo Temp/Humidity Air Sensor, CAN Bus, and Fresh Air Make-up (FAMU) systems
  • Universal 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply
  • 2HP compressor output and 1/2 HP sea water pump output
  • Reversing valve AC output controls either valve or electric heater
  • High and low refrigerant pressure switch inputs
  • 8-pin RJ-45 Display Interface
  • Alternate (remote) air temperature sensor
  • Outside air temperature sensor
  • Service (condenser) temperature sensor for Pump Sentry
  • Built-in CAN bus support (rev K and newer)
  • Built-in support for up to 2 combo temp/humidity sensors for cabin humidity control or for FAMU operation (rev K and newer).
  • Optional daughterboards for DC blowers and EasyStart
  • Direct expansion, Air handler, and Fresh air makeup unit capable
  • Integrated Universal 115-240VAC/50-60Hz Power Supply
  • Optional EasyStart for low current starts.
  • Monitors sea water temperature preventing potential compressor damage
  • Humidity control capable
  • Electric heat AND reverse cycle capable.
  • Built and programmed to handle the marine environment unlike competing controls.
  • Connect wirelessly using EasyTouch
  • Supports CAN communication systems like Crestron™
  • Remotely mount the display up to 75 feet away.
  • Variable independent fan speed control.
  • Direct connection to a DC fan.

Can the FX-2 be used for new installations?
Yes, the FX-2 is designed to be used in both new and retrofit installations. It is available in a metal electrical box or circuit board only configurations.

What displays is the FX-2 compatible with?
The FX-2 control board is compatible with FX-1, FX-Maxx and EasyTouch Displays.

What applications can use the FX-2?
The FX-2 control board can be used in air handlers direct expansion or reverse cycle systems and fresh air makeup units.

Does the FX-2 board monitor humidity?
Yes when used with the EasyTouch display.

Can I use an electric heater with the FX-2?
Yes It can support up to 2 heaters depending on the application.

Can I use any cable for the display like CAT 5?
No. Please follow the recommended cable type listed in the product manual.

WARNING - California Proposition 65

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