Generator Bonding Plug

Generator Bonding Plug

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Generator Bonding Plug

Finally, a simple solution for a simple problem.

Sometimes your generator won’t start when plugged into the RV. When powering your trailer on a portable generator or low power inverter, certain surge protector devices like those on your generator will report an "OPEN GROUND" or “E2” or "OPEN NEUTRAL" fault. The equipment is looking for an earth-ground connection, grounding in a word. This can prevent your power source from starting.

To resolve this problem, all you need is Micro-Air’s Portable Generator and Inverter Bonding Plug. Truly plug-and-play, all it requires is for you to plug it into the outlet of your generator or inverter and then . . . walk away! It bonds the open ground and permits your power source to operate. No need for metal staking to ground your generator. This does the job
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Generator/inverter fault, it won’t start
Open Ground or Open Neutral or E2
Plug this into the front of your inverter or generator Generator Bonding Plug Example
  • Resolves E2, Open Ground and Open Neutral indications on surge protectors, generators and inverters
  • Simple? Could not be more simple—just plug it in!
Progressive Industries® manufactures some of the most popular surge protector/power monitors in the RV market. Please refer to their article and video at this link that further explains this issue of the unbonded neutral.
WARNING - California Proposition 65

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