Generator Bonding Plug

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Generator Bonding Plug
Finally, a simple solution for a simple problem with your RV portable generator and its power/surge protector.

Some RVs have built-in power/surge protectors or some owners choose to use their pedestal plug-in power/surge protectors even when operating on portable generator or on inverter. In many cases, the power/surge protector device will report an "OPEN GROUND" or “E2” or "OPEN NEUTRAL" fault. The equipment is looking for an earth-ground connection, bonding in a word. This can prevent your RV from ever receiving power.

To resolve this problem, all you need is Micro-Air’s Portable Generator and Inverter Bonding Plug. Truly plug-and-play, all it requires is for you to plug it into the outlet of your generator or inverter and then . . . walk away! It bonds the open ground and permits your power/surge protector to operate. No need for metal staking to ground your generator. This does the job.
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Problem:Power/Surge protector fault, no power to RV

Indication:Open Ground or Open Neutral or E2

Solution:Plug this into the front of your inverter or generator
Generator Bonding Plug Example

  • Resolves E2, Open Ground and Open Neutral indications on surge protectors, generators and inverters
  • Simple? Could not be more simple—just plug it in!


Progressive Industries® manufactures some of the most popular surge protector/power monitors in the RV market. Please refer to their article and video at this link that further explains this issue of the unbonded neutral.