FX-2 Chiller OLED Joystick Control Display

Micro-Air, Inc.


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FX-2 Chiller OLED Joystick Control Display
The FX-2 Chiller OLED Joystick Control Display connects to the FX-2 Control Board (ASY-360) and allows for the control of a single-stage chiller system. The FX-2 Control Family was designed to support either DX/CW cabin control or chiller system control, all with a common control board. When operating as a chiller control, the FX-2 provides all of the required features for safe and simple operation.

The FX-2 Chiller OLED Joystick Control Display can be mounted in either the Vimar® Idea or Gewiss® Playbus frames. Hundreds of decorative bezels are available for either line.

Before You Buy
This display was used exclusively with Marvair chiller systems. THIS IS NOT AN AIR HANDLER CONTROL NOR WILL IT CONTROL A SELF-CONTAINED SYSTEM. A chiller system is a water-to-water system where the compressor cools or heats a water loop. Separate air handlers are needed to get the cool or heat from the water loop. This control only works with the water-to-water compressor and not any other part.


  • Universal 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply
  • Directly drives compressor, loop water pump, and reversing valve AC outputs (and can also drive contactors)
  • Sea water pump output is pilot duty and drives a contactor or pump relay
  • High and low refrigerant pressure switch inputs
  • 8-pin RJ-45 Display Interface
  • Flow switch input
  • Supply and return water temperature sensor inputs
  • Control display allows for all programming and control
  • Supports FX-2 Control Board w/ EasyStart daughterboard option