Pump Relay in Metal Box (6-Station)

Micro-Air, Inc.


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The 6-station Pump Relay (PRP) boards for Cabin and Chiller Controls
The 6-station Pump Relay (PRP) boards allows control of a common seawater pump between multiple cabin or chiller controls. It can also be used to control a common chilled-water loop pump between multiple chiller controls.

Separate, fully-isolated pump trigger inputs accept either 115VAC/60Hz or 230VAC/50-60Hz. The pump power source and pump output is also isolated and can be either 115VAC or 230VAC/50-60Hz.

The metal enclosure allows for entry and exit of all wires to and from the controls, from the pump power source, and to the pump.


  • Fully isolated trigger inputs allow connection to different circuits.
  • Compatible with any manufacture pump and AC or chiller system.
  • Controls common sea water pump for multiple AC or chiller units.
  • Capacity to handle up to 20 amps.
  • 100 to 240 VAC capable at both 50 and 60Hz.
  • Trigger 230 pumps from 120 volt AC
  • Trigger 120 pumps from 230 volt AC
  • 2, 6, or 12 trigger inputs available.


Pump Relays Compatible with All Cabin and Chiller Controls, Including Legacy OEM
  • Replaces Legacy Cruisair Pump Relays