A-282 Network Control Board

Micro-Air, Inc.


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Replacement A-282 Network Control Board
A redesigned, newly manufactured, replacement control board. Drop-in compatible with existing electrical boxes.
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Before You Buy
The A-282 Control Board is part of a legacy DX & TW cabin control system sold from the late 1990s through the present. It was discontinued by the Original Equipment Manufacturer and is available only from Micro-Air, which made it for the Marine OEM and improved it for your replacement purchase today. It was also sold into a specialty Class A Coach/RV application where the Cruisair manufactured air conditioner was installed in the “basement” of large RVs.

The original board featured five 6-pin jacks and a plug in DIP style ROM chip with markings that identify the application by the color of the label used on the board. The Cruisair boards had a number (42,600) printed on the board. All of the connections from the board to components were made along one side of the board using spade style connections. Boards measured 7” x 6.4” [17.8cm x 16.3cm].

These boards come in three configurations. Yellow labeled boards directly drive a compressor in direct expansion marine applications. Blue labeled boards are used in an air handler for chilled water marine applications. Red labeled boards are used for Class A RV coach applications. Select the correct application from the pull down box before ordering.

Replaces Cruisair part number 42600-07.

It also relaces Dometic part number 701500101. Those control boards were used on SMX-net systems and Cruisair RN, FN, SN, and SNR units.

It preserves the following special legacy features only available on this particular control board. Control Board Legacy Features the A-282:
  • Legacy OEM network capability
  • Aux Heat in DX and Coach applications
  • Outside Air Temp Sensor support
  • Virtual Pump Relay operation via networking 2-speed fan output support
  • Compatibility with all of the original legacy control displays, 6-pin RJ-12 display and network interfaces.