A-288D Control Board

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Replacement A-288D Control board
A redesigned, newly manufactured, replacement control board. Drop-in compatible with existing electrical boxes.
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The A-288D control board was used by Cruisair from the late 1990’s until about 2017. It is the only Cruisair board with a solder connected five screw terminal block. Spade connectors right behind the terminal block were typically used to make most of the component connections. The board features two six pin connectors, one for the display and one for the temperature sensor. The board is 5.0” x 5.2” [12.7cm x 13.2cm]. Although long lived, these boards had several known weaknesses and most times replacing the board is part of the troubleshooting process. This board replaces the legacy Cruisair® A-288C, A-288T, and SMXII HV boards. Replaces Cruisair part number 42404, and Dometic part number 722300288. If the DC Fan connector is required, please add a note to your order.


It preserves the following special legacy features only available on this particular control board.
  • Legacy OEM network capability
  • Aux Heat in DX and Coach applications
  • Outside Air Temp Sensor support
  • Virtual Pump Relay operation via networking
  • 2-speed fan output support
  • Dual voltage: 115/230