EasyStart™ 364 Installation Kit for RV Rooftop A/Cs

New EasyStart™ 364 Soft Start Kit for RV Rooftop A/C Installations

EasyStart™ 364 Installation Kit for RV Rooftop A/Cs

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Installation Kit compatible with all models.

The EasyStart™ 364 soft starter requires a few miscellaneous components for its installation into the different model RV rooftop A/C systems from the various manufacturers. This installation kit combines the extra components most often required, and is offered as a convenience to those who may not have easy access to these items.

Items Included (varies depending on kit variant):
• Various crimp terminals for the wiring
• 3M Double-Stick Foam tape
• Plastic bushing (split)
• Extra #14 AWG wire (for pigtail from relay, if applicable)
• Tie wraps

Specific instructions for some RV A/C models may be found in the Manuals & Resources section on this page and in the EasyStart™ Knowledge Bank.

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