Brand New FX-2 Marine Air Conditioning Control Board for Luxury Yachts

FX-2 Control Board

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FX-2 Control Board   -   Most Advanced Marine Cabin Control Board in the World

Automatically Supports All FX-2, FX-1 Legacy Control Displays

Controls DX equipment, CW air handlers, with an auxiliary Electric Heater

Single Control Board supports Optional Combo Temp/Humidity Air Sensor, CAN Bus, and Fresh Air Make-up (FAMU) systems

Available with EasyStart Daughterboard for lowest-cost, integrated solution!


The FX-2 Control Board is the most advanced cabin control manufactured by Micro-Air and is one of the most advanced cabin controls in the marine HVAC industry. It not only provides support for the latest FX-2 control displays, it supports all of the legacy FX-1 control displays as well (configured by jumpers).

Control Board Features and options:
  • Universal 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply
  • 2HP compressor output and 1/2 HP sea water pump output
  • Reversing valve AC output controls either valve or electric heater
  • High and low refrigerant pressure switch inputs
  • 8-pin RJ-45 Display Interface
  • Alternate (remote) air temperature sensor
  • Outside air temperature sensor
  • Service (condenser) temperature sensor for Pump Sentry
  • Built-in CAN bus support (rev K and newer)
  • Built-in support for up to 2 combo temp/humidity sensors for cabin humidity control or for FAMU operation (rev K and newer).
  • Optional daughterboards for DC blowers and EasyStart


Product FAQs:

Can the FX-2 be used for new installations?    

Yes, the FX-2 is designed to be used in both new and retrofit installations. It is available in a metal electrical box or circuit board only configurations.

What displays is the FX-2 compatible with?    

The FX-2 control board is compatible with FX-1, FX-Maxx and EasyTouch Displays.

What applications can use the FX-2?   

The FX-2 control board can be used in air handlers direct expansion or reverse cycle systems and  fresh air makeup units.

Does the FX-2 board monitor humidity?

Yes when used with the EasyTouch display.

Can I use an electric heater with the FX-2?

Yes It can support up to 2 heaters depending on the application.

Can I use any cable for the display like CAT 5?

No. Please follow the recommended cable type listed in the product manual.


Where can I find the product specifications?    

The product manual has all the specifications.