FX-2 OLED Joystick Control Display

Micro-Air, Inc.


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Product Overview
FX-2 OLED Joystick Control Display

The FX-2 Joystick Control Display connects to the FX-2 Control Board and provides control for either a direct expansion A/C system or a chilled-water air handler. It features the bright and easy-to-read OLED display with a unique and compact joystick user input device. The display is designed to provide clear, at-a-glance operational status, including local or remote inside temperature, set point, compressor and fan operation. It can be mounted in either the Vimar® Idea or Gewiss® Playbus frames. Hundreds of decorative bezels are available for either line. The FX-2 Joystick Control Display uses an 8-pin RJ-45 display interface.
Guides & Information
Since this product has been discontinued, Micro-Air recommends that you consider the newer and fully compatible EasyTouch Control Display. EasyTouch plugs into either the FX-1 or the FX-2 control boards, and has superior features and performance.