AirNet™ CAN-to-Ethernet Adapter

AirNet™ CAN-to-Ethernet Adapter

AirNet™ CAN-to-Ethernet Adapter

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The AirNet™ CAN-to-Ethernet Adapter adapter allows connection of Micro-Air's AirNet CAN Bus network to a LAN or WAN. It is specifically designed for use with Micro-Air's AirNet5i iPhone application, which allows remote monitoring and control of several Micro-Air controls via the internet.

Controls supported by Micro-Air's AirNet5i iPhone App:
  • FX-2 OLED Touch Cabin Control
  • Hydromatic II Chiller Control
  • And several other OEM cabin control systems

Please call 609-259-2636 or e-mail Micro-Air Technical Support for more information on AirNet CAN Bus and the AirNet5i iPhone Application.

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