Hydromatic II Control Board

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Hydromatic II Control Board
(OBSOLETE) No Longer Available

The Hydromatic II is a new and advanced control system for multi-stage marine chillers. It employs the latest technology with CAN Bus networking capabilities, and offers advanced control with many sensor monitoring options. It can also be configured for use with a color touch screen panel PC, built into a custom control electrical panel with power distribution wiring, circuit breakers, contactors, etc.

Before You Buy
This is a replacement board for Hydromatic II controls used in some chilled water systems. Boards should look very similar to the one pictured including connectors and jumpers as the design has changed very little.

  • Modular system for controlling one to eight compressors
  • Universal 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply
  • Integrated OLED display with 3-button interface
  • Factory reversible display permits access from outside the electric box
  • Auxiliary voltage input for all control outputs
  • Optional stage current sensing and over current shutdown
  • Optional high/low refrigerant pressure transducer inputs
  • VFD (variable frequency drive) dry contact output
  • MODBUS input for VFD monitoring
  • Electric/Reverse-Cycle heating based upon sea water temperature
  • Automatically equalizes compressor run times in multistage systems
  • Individual loop water flow switch inputs for each compressor
  • Simple CAN Bus two-wire connection between stage control boards and the pump control board
  • Compatible with AirNet 5 (for LAN or internet access)


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