Start Capacitors for EasyStart™

Start Capacitors for EasyStart™

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Start Capacitors

These capacitors are hermetically sealed in a black rounded case which permanently protects the capacitor from, dirt, oil, grease or other types of moisture.

The values required are described in the table below. Micro-Air does not stock all of the values listed in this table.
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Recommended Start Capacitors:

72-86MFD - Up to 12K BTU
88-106MFD - 13-23K BTU
108-130MFD - 24-36K BTU
189-227MFD - 37-48K BTU
270-324MFD - 49-72K BTU
115VAC applications can use 250V or 330V rated start capacitors.
230VAC applications must use 330V rated start capacitors.
None Available

California Proposition 65 WARNING
WARNING - California Proposition 65

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