Custom Design & Engineering

For over 30 years, Micro-Air has made its business by designing, developing, and manufacturing custom controls. If you have an application where the exact control you need is not available in the market, then we invite you to inquire with us. We are always willing and eager to consider new designs, no matter what the scope. Whether you need 200, 2000, or up to 20,000 units per year, Micro-Air is the right fit for you.



Our design process starts with your idea, proceeds with a hardware design and firmware development, followed by design verification and qualification jointly with our customers, leading to volume production.

Our custom design philosophy is simple: We want to design and manufacture your control! Micro-Air does not sell intellectual property, so we don't typically charge a fee for any development. Tooling and setup fees for custom plastic designs and circuit boards is normally all we ever require, along with a commitment to purchase a minimum quantity. We strive for partnerships with our customers, so we will support you from the first design discussion through to your product end-of-life.

Our development capabilities may surprise you. Our small team has well over 100 years of combined design experience. We also offer assistance towards various agency approvals.

Design & Development
  • Schematics, component selection, & layout
  • Microcontroller firmware & PC application software
  • Design expertise in AC power control, power supplies, WiFi, CAN bus, etc.
  • Smartphone application development
  • Plastic housing 3D design and tooling
  • Mylar overlay design and setup
International Agency Approval Support
  • CE conducted emissions & susceptiblity testing
  • Australian C-tick support
  • UL listing design & submission
  • Power supply designs for 50Hz & 60Hz
  • RoHS compliant process

 Have an idea or project in the pipeline?

Searching for a complete turnkey custom engineering design house to create your controls system application products?

We know that TRUST is hard to earn. For over 30 years, these global brands have confidently entrusted their ideas to be engineered with our creative solutions:

 - Airxcel
 - Aqua-Air®
 - Cruisair®
 - Dometic®
 - Marine Air Systems®

 - Marvair®
 - Sentry® Battery Chargers
 - Spectra Watermakers
 - Technicold®

 e-mail us directly to discuss how we can provide you a custom solution.

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