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Eliminate RV A/C Start Complaints Using Honda 2000 Generators

Travel Trailer Campers & Dealers Rave About EasyStart™ Success  


EasyStart™ 364

Consumers and RV dealers are raving about this single phase soft starter.  Some are calling it the most advanced & effective soft starter for A/C applications.  As a consumer, the EasyStart™ lets you:

  • Start Your A/C With-Out Buying a Bigger Generator or Inverter
  • Run 2 Air Conditioners on a 30-Amp Cord
  • Sleep With Less Noise, And Feel Cool All Through The Night
  • Run Your A/C With More Appliances At The Same Time


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What Benefits Do Micro-Air Dealers Experience?

  • Get an Instant 20% Off Retail  &  Volume Dealer Pricing Tiers
  • Make More Money  With Quick 20-Minute Installs
  • Order Dealer-Only Products, 24/7 Online at Special Prices
  • Win More Deals With Micro-Air Tech And Support Team



 "My customers love the EasyStart™ 364 upgrade."

This unit allows them to lug around one less 2000 watt generator and still enjoy their AC. The reduced noise and vibration from the compressor engagement is also noticed and appreciated! The Micro-Air EasyStart™ is a game changer.

Vinnies Northbay Airstream Repair

 "Super easy installation that took all of 15 minutes..."

Just installed another EasyStart™ 364 on a new Airstream Interstate. Super easy installation that took all of 15 minutes, most of which was going up and down the ladder for removal/replacement of the shroud from each side.
After the initial 5 start learning period using the on-board generator, the Magnum 2000 watt inverter easily started and ran the Penguin. Also, no more compressor start BANG!! Great stuff!!!!
I just bought 20 more EasyStarts because I know it solves the small generator A/C start problem. Plus, Micro-Air has old fashioned, great customer service too. Smart people with smart products that work.

Lew Farber,

ABYC Certified Master Marine Electrician, Airstream Solar & Electrical Specialist


     Micro-Air provides the industry’s best engineering solutions.
We’ve got the EasyStart™ air conditioner soft start solution to delight the most discerning customer with simple and easy to install convenience.

     Professional training and support.
All dealers have access to online and live training events.

     Direct sales support.
We have a team of people who are here to help you win deals, support and grow your business.

     Unmatched marketing support.
Lead generation, direct marketing tools and real people to answer your calls are just a few of the marketing benefits available to Dealers.

     Quick installs lead to profitability.
With faster installation times, you can install with lower cost resources.

     Online access to award-winning tools.
The Micro-Air Online Gateway features an online store, Knowledge base, your dealer video and print training tools, plus lots of marketing materials to help educate prospects and generate demand.

     Micro-Air’s Dealer Program has a spot for you.
We have two tiers with criteria focused on making your business successful.

     Micro-Air commitment! We won’t let you down.
Micro-Air is committed to helping you win with solutions that solve your customer’s problems.



      What qualities does Micro-Air look for in a prospective dealer?

  • Strong industry knowledge.
  • Successful business experience.
  • Technical ability.

     How long does it typically take to order?
Micro-Air maintains a large inventory. This means that Micro-Air can ship the most popular and best-selling products to your dealership quickly.

     Can Micro-Air help me with marketing?
Micro-Air offers its dealers strong marketing support.  You will also be featured in our Find a Dealer digital web-store solution.


 As a Dealer, you'll have the following resources at your fingertips. They do an excellent job of helping you understand more about the EasyStart™ 364 and it's benefits. There are also resources for the end consumer as well to make your job of selling the product much simpler.  Use them with your installers and customer-facing staff as well.  Additionally, you can always call us at 609-259-2636 to answer any questions you or your customers may have. 


     Micro-Air Dealer Overview
Learn more about Micro-Air. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with individuals and/or companies that share our commitment to both the Micro-Air customer and the industry they serve.

     EasyStart™ Customer Reviews
Micro-Air and EasyStart™ customer review summary.

     EasyStart™ Performance Sheet
EasyStart™ is the most sophisticated, best-performing and lowest-cost soft starter in the world. Read about documented performance here.

     EasyStart™ Specifications Sheet
Review the EasyStart™product specifications sheet for all models, descriptions and details.


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