ECU/AH-Maxx Control Display

ECU/AH-Maxx Control Display

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Product Overview
Replacement ECU Maxx Control Display
The ECU/AH-Maxx Control Display is part pf a DX/CW cabin control system sold during the mid-1990s. It supports the ECU-Maxx Control Board for DX applications, and the AH-Maxx Control Board for CW applications. The display interface utilizes the 8-conductor Amp® SDL cable (SUB-006).

The ECU-Maxx and AH-Maxx control boards are no longer manufactured, Micro-Air does not offer repair services. Alternately, Micro-Air recommends replacing your ECU-Maxx to the current FX2 control board with the integrated EasyStart daughterboard. For more information, please refer to the conversion guide in the Manuals & Resources section.
Before You Buy
The ECU/AH-Maxx Control Display is part of a DX/CW cabin control system sold during the mid-1990s. The display looks very similar to the FX-Maxx display so it must be removed to see the back of the display to properly identify it. ECU MAXX displays have a metal connector shell and two release pins, one on each side of the connector. It also has labeling that indicates ECU MAXX on the back of the display. If the display has these characteristics, this is the correct replacement display.

Most ECU problems are not related to the display. Button problems and burned out LED’s are really the only problems with these displays and they are rare. Control boards are not available so please see our FX-2 conversion guide for replacing these systems.

Recommended Control Board Upgrade:
ECU Maxx Complete Replacement Control Kit
This display has the identical appearance as the FX-Maxx series of control displays. However, it uses a different display interface cable and is functionally incompatible.
WARNING - California Proposition 65

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