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ECU/AH-Maxx Control Display

ECU/AH-Maxx Control Display

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ECU/AH-Maxx Control Display
The ECU/AH-Maxx Control Display is part pf a DX/CW cabin control system sold during the mid-1990s. It supports the ECU-Maxx Control Board for DX applications, and the AH-Maxx Control Board for CW applications. The display interface utilizes the 8-conductor Amp® SDL cable (SUB-006).

Although the ECU-Maxx and AH-Maxx control boards are no longer manufactured, Micro-Air does offer repair service in some cases. Alternately, Micro-Air recommends replacing your ECU-Maxx to the current FX2 control board with the integrated EasyStart daughterboard. For more information, please refer to the conversion guide in the Manuals & Resources section.

Recommended Control Board Upgrade:
ECU Maxx Complete Replacement Control Kit
This display has the identical appearance as the FX-Maxx series of control displays. However, it uses a different display interface cable and is functionally incompatible.
WARNING - California Proposition 65

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