Retrofit Adapter - Marvair® SeaMach Control

Retrofit Adapter - Marvair® SeaMach Control

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The FX-2 Control Board provides an easy retrofit of the Marvair® legacy SeaMach cabin control, manufactured by Power First. This sheetmetal adapter plate allows mounting of the FX-2 control board and attachment to the original SeaMach control mounting locations in its electric box.

Only the sheetmetal adapter is included with this item.

A complete retrofit kit consists of the following items that must be purchased separately:
  • ASY-360-XL1 - FX-2 Control Board
  • ASY-389-X02 - EasyTouch Control Display (pick one; choice 1 of 3)
  • ASY-386-X04 - FX-2 OLED Touch Control Display (pick one; choice 2 of 3)
  • ASY-378-X03 - FX-2 Joystick Control Display (pick one; choice 3 of 3)
  • SUB-056-X07 - Sensor - Water Temperature (7ft)
  • SUB-031-X15 - Cable - Display 8-Conductor (15ft)
  • SUB-072-X06 - Pressure Switch Connector (splicing type)
  • ADP-001-X00 - Retrofit Adapter - Marvair SeaMach Control

Please call 609-259-2636 or e-mail Micro-Air Technical Support for more information on how to install this retrofit kit.