Retrofit Adapter - Marvair® SeaMach Control

Retrofit Adapter - Marvair® SeaMach Control

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The FX-2 Control Board provides an easy retrofit of the Marvair® legacy SeaMach cabin control, manufactured by Power First. This sheetmetal adapter plate allows mounting of the FX-2 control board and attachment to the original SeaMach control mounting locations in its electric box.

Only the sheetmetal adapter plate is included with this item. The circuit board shown in the photo must be purchased separately.

A complete retrofit kit consists of the following items that must be purchased separately:
  • ASY-360-XL1 - FX-2 Control Board
  • ASY-389-X02 - EasyTouch Control Display (pick one; choice 1 of 3)
  • ASY-386-X04 - FX-2 OLED Touch Control Display (pick one; choice 2 of 3)
  • ASY-378-X03 - FX-2 Joystick Control Display (pick one; choice 3 of 3)
  • SUB-056-X07 - Sensor - Water Temperature (7ft)
  • SUB-031-X15 - Cable - Display 8-Conductor (15ft)
  • SUB-072-X06 - Pressure Switch Connector (splicing type)
  • ADP-001-X00 - Retrofit Adapter - Marvair SeaMach Control

Please call 609-259-2636 or e-mail Micro-Air Technical Support for more information on how to install this retrofit kit.