Start Capacitors for EasyStart™ 366

Start Capacitors for EasyStart™ 366

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Start Capacitors

These capacitors are meant for use with the EasyStart 366 model (only) that is exclusively available to our OEM customers for factory installation. They are hermetically sealed in a black rounded case which permanently protects the capacitor from, dirt, oil, grease or other types of moisture.

The values required are described in the table below. Micro-Air does not stock all of the values listed in this table.
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Recommended Start Capacitors:

CAP-127-X00 42-53 MDF 330V EasyStart Model 364-X07
CAP-121-X00 72-86 MDF 250V EasyStart Model 364-T36
CAP-110-X00 88-106 MDF 250V EasyStart Model 364-X20
CAP-118-X00 88-106 MDF 330V EasyStart Model 364-X36
CAP-139-X00 189-227 MDF 330V EasyStart Model 368-X48
CAP-125-X00 270-324 MDF 330V EasyStart Model 368-X72
None Available

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