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Micro-Air EasyTouch Control Display (8-Pin)

EasyTouch™ Control Display (FX Series)

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Product Overview
EasyTouch™ (8-Pin) - Most Advanced Marine Cabin Control Display in the World - WiFi available
The EasyTouch™ Display Control is Micro-Air's newest and most advanced marine display control, employing the very latest in microcontroller and TFT (thin film transistor) LCD technology. You also get your choice of WiFi-enabled or not enabled versions, allowing your remote control of inside air temperatures with your smartphone or other device.

It has a user-friendly, 2.5" color, touch screen and is designed for use with marine air conditioning systems of Dometic®. It doesn’t care if your system is a direct expansion, reverse-cycle air conditioning system or a chilled-water air handler. It even offers a PIN code to limit others from adjusting the temperatures. It supports both the FX-1 and FX-2 families of control boards.

EasyTouch has numerous unique features previously unavailable in any other control display in the marine HVAC industry.

FX-1 Customers: Board does NOT support WIFI
FX-2 Customers: Boards with Rev K or higher will support WIFI
Requires onboard router for dockside and open ocean use
Before You Buy
EasyTouch marine displays are used by many customers as an upgrade to the older style LED displays. It works with FX-1 and FX-2 control boards only. Be sure your board serial number starts with 370 or 360 to be compatible with this display. The display offers WIFI which works with an onboard router for connectivity while onboard. Offsite access requires port forwarding from a standard internet connection which is not available from a marina hotspot or cellular hot spot so a standard ISP connection must be used.
Control Boards
FX-1: ASY-370
FX-2: ASY-360
Display Cables
8-Conductor: SUB-031- (Length in ft)
Bezel (cover plate)
EasyTouch™ Cover Plate/Bezel : MIS-390-X01
  • The Easy Touch 8-pin version is compatible with 8-pin cabin controls both manufactured and sold by Micro-Air.
  • User-friendly and intuitive 2.5” touch screen display requires no manual for basic operation
  • Provides all operational features and modes of any cabin control in the industry, plus many more
  • Custom Boat’s Logo Display
  • Fits Vimar® Eikon and Eikon EVO bezels (NOTE: Bezel is not included and can be ordered separately at this link)
  • Built-in inside temperature sensor
  • Optional air and humidity sensor
  • 8-pin RJ-45 display interface
  • Numerous programmable parameters and system for custom installations
  • Date/Time Clock for use with Program Scheduler (w/ battery backup)
  • Advanced system status screen and 500-entry, time-stamped fault history log
  • Adjustable display brightness, color schemes, and customizable sleep screen logo
  • Unique keypad PIN lock, commission procedure, and cleaning mode features
  • Supports loading a custom image for display during sleep mode (requires special USB cable & PC software)
  • This version available with optional integrated Wi-Fi for operation from the EasyTouch smartphone app with router onboard, whether at the dock or in the deep blue sea! (Requires onboard router for dockside and open ocean use.)
  • Use Your Smartphone to Manage Your Marine Thermostat via Wi-Fi, on or off the boat
  • Standard version is compatible with and automatically detects all FX-1 and legacy FX-1 control boards
  • 24/7 Humidity Monitoring Keeps Your Boat Dry
  • CAN Bus Networking Easily Connects To Crestron Or Audiovisual Controls
  • Run DX (direct expansion) equipment, CW/TW (tepid water) Air Handlers, and Fresh Air Make-up systems with our EasyTouch™ Control
  • Works with onboard WPS button routers and various other routers for WiFi connectivity

Additional Resources:
WIFI Routers for RV's and Boats

  • MobileInternetInfo.com
  • Micro-Air is not associated with the Mobile Internet Resource Center or its management.
Vimar and Eikon are registered trademarks of Vimar SpA. Marine Air Systems and Passport are both registered trademarks of Dometic Corporation

What control board is EasyTouch 389 compatible with?
EasyTouch 389 is compatible with both the FX-2 and FX-1 control boards. Click on the manuals and resources tab on the EasyTouch product page and open the manual for more information.

Can EasyTouch be used with a fresh air makeup unit?
Yes, EasyTouch can monitor the incoming and outgoing air and make changes to heaters, compressors, water valves and fan speeds to help control onboard humidity levels.

Do I need internet access to use EasyTouch WIFI?
No, EasyTouch WIFI connects wirelessly to your onboard router. As long as you can connect to the router locally you can access any EasyTouch control.

What control board is EasyTouch 589 compatible with?
EasyTouch 589 is compatible with some popular 6 wire OEM control boards. Contact Micro-Air Inc. for more details.


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