EasyStart 364 Dealer Spotlight: Battle Born Batteries & Dragonfly Energy

Micro-Air Sales Administrator

The race is on!  Energy companies in the RV industry are vying to be the first to run air conditioning all night long on battery power alone. They are in consensus that the EasyStart™ 364 will be part of the solution.  Imagine charging batteries all day on solar and enjoying A/C all night long  -- with the EasyStart integrated into the power plan along with batteries and inverter. We can!

Battle Born Batteries

So too can Dragonfly Energy.  In 2019 it became one of the leading dealers of Micro-Air’s EasyStart 364, the award winning part of the Company and the only electronic starter for RV rooftop air conditioners.  Battle Born Batteries specializes in providing top of the line lithium deep cycle batteries. These batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate, known as LiFePO4. (Did learning the table of elements in high school pay off for you on that one?) 

Not only are they recognized for their reliability and chemical stability, these batteries can be used for various applications such as: RV, Van, Marine, and Off-grid use.  Dragonfly CEO, Denis Phares said “One of the unique benefits of our batteries is discharge.  We allow discharge to 100% versus the acid battery recommended discharge to 50% depth, not to mention the weight savings of 1/5 the weight of a lead acid battery.”

“The inclusion of the EasyStart in a solar powered RV with inverter makes perfect sense,” said Micro-Air Engineer Nick D. “It reduces the power demand of an A/C unit and the need for – and expense of – a larger inverter while maintaining a cool RV, giving you the best of both worlds.” 

Dragonfly Energy’s  consumer brand, Battle Born Batteries charge 5 times faster than lead acid batteries and last 10 times as long, they are backed up by a 10-year warranty, and strive to make the transition to lithium as easy as possible. Dragonfly Energy prides itself on their drop-in replacements for lead acid batteries.  Their employees are trained specialists who will help fulfill your needs and provide you with an extraordinary customer experience. They eliminate battery anxiety with their game changing technology, including a built-in battery management system (BMS) that contains programmable logic.

Battle Born Batteries

The Company proudly proclaims that all of its batteries are designed and assembled in Reno, NV USA.  You can find Battle Born Batteries Systems on their website: https://battlebornbatteries.com/ and/or you can reach someone there at 855.292.2831 or email at info@battlebornbatteries.com. and on Facebook at Dragonfly Energy https://www.facebook.com/dragonflyenergy/.

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