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EasyStart™ & EasyZone™ Two New RV Products Launch at RVIA

Micro-Air Sales Administrator

Visit Micro-Air, Inc. Booth At RVIA 2017, For Show-Only Specials, November 27-30 Micro-Air Booth: # 6215 West Wing Pavilion.  

 See the EasyStart™ and meet the engineering team from Micro-Air. They will be exhibiting at RVIA in Louisville, KY. Micro-Air introduces the EasyZone™ a fully-compatible replacement of the 2 most popular Dometic Rooftop A/C control boards. The EasyZone™ control circuit board is drop-in compatible with both Dometic CCC2 Multi-Zone or LCD SZ thermostats, which is an enhancement over Dometic’s existing solutions.

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