New Canadian Distributor Proves That Nothing Is Foreign When It Comes To Micro-Air Parts

Micro-Air Sales Administrator

Canada, Dubai, England, Russia, Turkey, Australia , Italy. When it comes to Micro-Air and its RV and Marine parts, these countries have one thing in common: they all host Micro-Air distributorships!

“Dealerships are our lifeblood and, although we have a reputation for doing it well, they remove that layer of customer service from us,” said Micro-Air owner Andy Spaziani. “Distributorships boot that up to the next level as they address issue with the dealers, allowing us to focus on new product development and quality manufacturing. We are proud to announce this strategic distribution partnership."

Sylvan Lake RV, the Alberta-based new and used RV Dealership, has a solid history with Micro-Air and is intent on spreading its wings to dominate the Canadian RV market adoption of the EasyStart. Owner Doug Thompson said “Sylvan Lake RV is proud to race the EasyStart™ 364 into the Canadian market in a BIG way.” EasyStart is the electronic soft starter for RV rooftop and marine air conditioning, allowing starts of A/C units on low power sources like small generators and inverters, and on 30-amp power. “We see what Micro-Air has done with the EasyStart in the U.S. and can’t imagine why we can’t do the same with Canadian marketing.” Thompson has a business life that began in RVs, grew into a marine arm which was sold, prompting his return to the RV dealership.

Thompson wasn’t kidding about ‘racing’ into the market. Thompson’s son is 21-year old Canadian auto racing phenom Parker Thompson who races both open wheel Indy cars and sports cars. “Parker plans to make the EasyStart a part of his group of sponsored endorsements and will further promote the product on his cars.” The baby-faced Thompson’s latest win came on May 4, 2019 when he finished first at the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. His string of races ending as one of the top finishers is impressive. According to news, in 79 career starts over all platforms, Thompson has 20 wins and finished on the podium 40 times. Those are Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart percentages. “We see the synergy between racing fans, many of whom arrive in RVs, and the EasyStart 364,” said both Thompsons. The younger Thompson is in a car every weekend and is off to Indianapolis on May 11, 2019.

Parker Thompson

”Untapped in Canada is the climate-controlled horse trailer market,” said Sylvan Lake’s Thompson, “and we are shooting for that too.” With millions of dollars of race horse on the line, safe transport during high heat is critical to protection of the breeders’ and owners’ investments. I suppose the insurance companies, investors and fans alike will welcome the EasyStart into their trailers.”

The elder Thompson added, “We have on the drawing board the plans needed to expand into the marine parts that Micro-Air sells too. It is a perfect match for my prior experience in the boating world of this country and I am looking forward to a return to that industry.

Sylvan Lake RV
Distributor Information:
#3 Erickson Drive
Sylvan Lake, AB T4S 1P5
Phone: 403-887-0911

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