Oliver Travel Trailer Rally Welcomes Micro-Air and Their EasyStart™ Air Conditioner Solution
May 17, 2018

Oliver Travel Trailer Rally Welcomes Micro-Air and Their EasyStart™ Air Conditioner Solution

The 3rd Annual Oliver Travel Trailers Rally was held in Lake Guntersville State Park, Alabama – May 4-7, 2018

With approximately 200 RV guests in attendance, owners from all over the country got together with other owners and non-owners to enjoy the outstanding outdoor opportunities activities that Guntersville have to offer, said Phil Melfa, general manager of Oliver. The factory location is located nearby in Hohenwald, TN. 


Enjoying “Post Card” Exceptional Views Of Lake Guntersville And The Tennessee River

The Oliver team produced an extraordinary program jam-packed full of opportunities to learn more about their trailer, and from invited special guests. One of the special guests was Matteo Giovanetti, Electrical & Controls System Engineer from Micro-Air. Matteo reconnected with many Oliver friends from his previous visit last year. He provided hands-on education, live demonstrations, and installations for attendees.


Meeting the Power Challenge - RV Trailer Air Conditioner Start-up Solved

Over the past year, over a thousand RVers have discovered how to run their 13.5K or 15K A/C compressor with a Westinghouse iGen2500 Inverter Generator or Honda EU2000i. Micro-Air recognized that many Oliver RVers prefer these smaller, lightweight generators and have been helping trailer owners with their EasyStart™ which works easily with these generators and all brands of rooftop air conditioners.


Oliver RVers Triple Last Year’s EasyStart™ Installation Success Stories

Because of the Oliver RV interest, Friday, Saturday and Sunday kept Matteo jumping from trailer to trailer installing EasyStarts™. In total, 18 EasyStarts™ were installed by him. He also gave away a free EasyStart™ in the closing ceremonies as part of their raffle.


Cheerful Travel Trailer Campers Journey Onward

“With each EasyStart™ installation, air conditioner start-up problems are eliminated and happy travel trailer campers enjoy their summer journeys,” said Matteo.


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Micro-Air at Oliver Travel Trailer Rally 2018



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